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  1. Looking for anyone out there that is successfully running the latest version of Pinball FX3 off steam with DOFLINX or DirectOutput *using pinup. Environment: hybrid cab 3 Screens (PF, BG and Topper) 1 Real DMD Software: Pinup / pinplayer frontend PinEvent functioning: Jaws Leprachaun King F-14 Star Wars DSA DirectOutput (without DOFLINX) functioning: Tron LE Stranger Things SE Diner and a few others. Both MX, backglass and Toppers work as expected along with DMD.. all work I even have a few altcolor DMD items running Using OOB (out of box) Popper Baller installed environment with added DirectOutput Here is the issue.... After being away from FX3 for a year or more... I updated it in my steam environment I load DOFLINX Now I can load the tables and no Backglass or DMD redirect occurs.... I have tried several items including just OOB PupDMD and none are working. With PUP I can just place a backglass and something on the topper but neither SSF nor DMD works... DOFLINX even shows in the logs that it detects the table and starts processing shapes and colors etc... but nothing fires. Again, when I close out of Pinball FX3 and kill DOFLINX and go back into popper all my tables work great. Anyone else?
  2. Hello I have 2 remaining Pin2DMD 128x16 board available... with the EEPROMs. Asking $125 per, they were made for digital pinball users... however can be used in real pin devices.
  3. I dont have futureDMD?!? it didnt come with the Future Pinball + BAM install I have a working PinUP Player as well working with Visual Pinball X too For Pinup Player Popper Version - 1.4.4 or Higher This is a new method using FUTUREDMD DMD with a REAL or virtual DMD using Poppers PuPDMD driver. Note: you need Popper installed to use this. (will not work with just pinup player) In Future Pinball Folder : FUTUREDMD.ini Set your width/height to 128×32 and place in lcd area where freezy lcd would show. Future Dmd – https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=8222 FP Launch script keep as is and add this at end: (change folder location of vpinmame if needed) timeout /t 20 cd "C:\Visual Pinball\VPinMAME" start /min "" "PUPDMDControl.exe" FP
  4. Thank you sir.. that was chock full of great ideas...
  5. I have a working Future Pinball environment currently following Terry Red’s excellent mega guide. I am stuck however with trying to get my Pin2DMD working… NOTE: I have the RealDMD working fine with Visual Pinball X The issue: When I load up Future Pinball the DMDs are on the backglass only the Pin2DMD is empty… I tried configuring DofLinx and I can get the LEDs and Matrix LEDs working but not the real DMD portion.. Anyone have a guide on configuring a Real DMD – specifically Pin2DMD with Future Pinball tables?
  6. Looking for any docs or tutorials for configuring the device with DOF or visual pinball specifically?
  7. @lucky1 appears the boards are not assembled right it powers ok (green light) but when I connect the mini usb nothing is acknowledged on the PC my guess is something is wrong with the board or their assembly again this was pcbway
  8. thank you @lucky1 for the insight! I will get those fixed EPROM - For now.. I wanted to connect this using as a realdmd to a digital pinball machine running Visual Pinball - do I still need the eprom? For the wire harness 9 pin - what is its name so I can find its matching unit online? Clarification: I wanted to use this Pin2DMD for Visual Pinball and Future Pinball only... is this still do able without the EPROM? is there anything else I may need?
  9. Hello everyone I need help... I sent my order to PCBWay for the 128 x 16... They had lots of questions on the BOM... I tried answering best I could. When I received the order back lots of issues I think... in particular was: they didnt have the EPROMs... so I have no eprom for the 27010 slot... is this REQUIRED? they also soldered the power connector on the top upside down... I dont know but the 470/1933 chip may be facing the wrong way... it has 2 pins... The ZIF Z80 CPU in the correct orientation Need verification if I have to: Is the ZIF chip in the correct orientation for pin 1 reverse the 470/1933 chip (unsolder/resolder) or is it fine Do I need the 27512 eprom for this to work... if so which is the correct EPROM as I see a lot of them at 28pin versus 32 and such. I can fix the power connector pretty easily... Thank you
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