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  1. (editt forget it found it) i seem to be a nice table but i can't find the pup pack
  2. thx someone already send them to me
  3. just wow what's next game of throne, star wars just so many to pick from
    will be perfect if there were some light effect a fantasy would had be nice
  4. thx a lot now just need a fulldmd/apron to go with it
  5. hi anyone know how to use the quest 2 controller for vpvr ?
  6. could someone send me there pov im pretty sure my prob is there i just cant het it right i think
  7. got a smal prob table and pup play great but ball alwais auto launch is there a way to make ir that we launch the ball manualy with the plunger ?
    thx as usual i love u work but maybe this one need a small upgrade with flashing light
  8. nice work love the table but got a small prob i was able to lunch it in my pin up by using alternate launcher but when i quit the table the pup pack doesn't stop is there another step i have to do ?? 1 more small thing the pup overlays doesn't show up... i does when i load the table outside of pinup but not when i load in pinup...
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