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  1. Two lockbar receivers perfect condition for sale. Ordered the wrong parts and looking to offload. 1) 500-7237-00 - Stern lockbar receiver with pushbutton hole $35 (originally $69) 2) A-16773-1 - WPC/WPC-95 lockbar receiver $35 (originally $79)
  2. Are you saying Broker mode (The merchant) doesn't work but everything else does? Can you post a screenshot?
  3. wAxx setting are the default. Shouldn't have to do anything. That physics variable was for something I was playing around with to make different setting based on preferences but after wAxx updated I just rolled that as the default.
  4. You sure you are using 1.2.1? It has wAxx physics, unless I messed up the upload somehow.
  5. Version 1.2.1


    **************************************************************** Guardians of the Galaxy By: Daphishbowl and Mr H Special thanks to: Arngrim - DOF help Nailbuster - Amazing work on the PUP framework and helping me get all those nice little features working so it feels like the real thing, Rik - Amazing testing Orbital Group - Awesome help with my first table and alpha testing (John M, G5K, Pinballfan2018, Scott, Bambi, Brian, James, .. the names go on) VAAS - PupFrame Ashtone6 - Awesome highres photos of the real table Al - He
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