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  1. necesitas actualizar Pup a la última versión. hay un enlace en la descripción
  2. No pensé en varios idiomas. ¿La ROM tiene idiomas alternativos para el audio?
  3. No hablo español, pero necesitas poner la pantalla 2 y la pantalla 4 en el cristal trasero en la configuración del cachorro
  4. This is a new one but things that come to mind are 1) Make sure you are on the latest pinup (link is in the descriptions tab) 2) make sure you are running VPX 10.6 not 10.7.
  5. It's in the pup pack. When you run the 2 screen or 3 screen setup batch file it gets configured.
  6. Typically this happens when you are not running the latest pinup. See link and note on main page
  7. Typically this happens when you are running VPX 10.7 instead of 10.6.
  8. So it turned out the GI was always on in 1.0 and it was supposed to actually be off. Which is why it looks darker in attract. But when you start now you can actually see all the lights come on.
  9. No, should still be there. Maybe try to redownload pup.
  10. Might be related to a bug that causes pup to crash when in full screen exclusive that will be fixed in the next release.
  11. It's something I was playing around to play head to head but not quite done. Maybe in the future.
  12. Did you follow the instructions to modify the script settings when you ran the bat file in the pup folder? Can you post a screen shot of what it looks like?
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