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  1. No, should still be there. Maybe try to redownload pup.
  2. Might be related to a bug that causes pup to crash when in full screen exclusive that will be fixed in the next release.
  3. It's something I was playing around to play head to head but not quite done. Maybe in the future.
  4. Did you follow the instructions to modify the script settings when you ran the bat file in the pup folder? Can you post a screen shot of what it looks like?
  5. This usually means you didn't make the script changes that were displayed when you ran the bat file in the root of the pup dir to configure for your setup.
  6. If you press the script button, press control+F and enter "StartServiceMenu keycode" without the quotes and you can just delete that line.
  7. Currently dont have anything set up but feel free to sub a month to MPT3K's twitch stream which helps us out.
  8. This is because you have a flipper key mapped to the 8 or 9 key which is overlapping with the service keys (7,8,9,0) for VPX. Typically flipper keys are mapped to Left and right shift. I posted a comment a while back to comment the line that looks like this "StartServiceMenu keycode" if you dont want to remap your keys.
  9. Yeah glitch on some machines. It will be fixed in the next patch.
  10. Thats a good point.. I looked back at some refence videos and thy seem a lot lighter. Here is the change and how it makes them look
  11. Yeah hard to say. Depends on how good/bad testing goes. All I can say is its going through initial test right now.
  12. Yeah some machines it seems pup takes longer before pup is ready. Found a solution that will be in the next patch.
  13. This is weird since you have the other videos showing up. Almost like you are missing a directory for the Riddler. Can you show me the contents of video-riddler in your pup pack? Can you double click a few of those and make sure they run?
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