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  1. I can't believe this isn't a physical machine already-- we're so lucky to have this in VP! Also, I just installed SSF and it's amazing on this table.
    Worth the wait!!! I watched Bowen Kerins do the tutorial for PAPA on YouTube and this looks just like the real thing-- and soooo much fun to play. Thank you, everyone!
  2. I finally got it working by turning off DMDext in the F1 settings and setting it to UltraDMD in the script.
  3. I've been looking around for a gun handle like that. Any idea where to get one?
  4. Awesome table! Is this only for 1 player? I can't get it to allow for 2 or more players.
  5. I'm also having the same Ultra/Flex DMD issue. Works great set to 0, but either other option crashes. BTW, amazing table!
  6. What did you do to fix it? I'm having the same issue. Other Ultra and Flex work fine, and this runs with the setting at 0, but either Ultra or Flex just crashes.
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