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  1. Thanks. I am using the 1.9 beta today... ... Update, just installed the latest 1.9 release version (link you shared) and I have the same issue. When I run the GB table with FW 3.20 on the Pin2DMD and Freezy 1.9, the table runs fine and the DMD shows all content. After I update to FW4.10, using the 32it tool, (reset the DMD, uploading the pin2dmd.upd file through the tool, reset DMD again) the GB table starts but only displays a few white dots around the 6th line down... it also locks up, and the only way to get it to work again is by disconnecting it from power a
  2. Firmware 4.10 seems to crash the display when running the GB table from vPinSPA. Can this be resolved one way or another?
  3. If you have a pin2dmd, the flashing can occur with some versions of the firmware or some versions of Freezy’s Dmdext dll. I currently use the 1.9 beta of Freezy’s dll and FW 3.19. Pin2dmd fw 4.10 just shows a few lines on the dmd and the dll versions between 1.7.2 and up are no good for the GB table either. make sure to enable pinup events in the ini file for the dll when you use the 1.9 beta in both the vpinmame and vpinspa folders.
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