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  1. The motor is not very loud. You mostly feel it, but the vibration itself makes some noise, similar to the way your cell phone vibrating on a table top will. In the test videos, I'm turning on the RPM speed control and slowly ramping it up. When it kicks on during a game it's instantaneous. I've found that the RPM speed control is really helpful. I'd assumed that the faster the motor turned, the greater the shaking effect would be. That's true to a point, but about 3/4 of the way up, the cab actually starts to vibrate a little less and I do get more noise. With the speed control, you can find the sweet spot where you get just the effect you want.
  2. Is there a way to enable a shaker motor in this table? I didn't see anything in the script and if it's the normal service menu I missed it.
  3. Great table! My playfield is set to portrait in Windows. The FSbar graphic runs up the left side of my playfield. I see that I can disable it in the table script. But I'd much prefer to rotate it so it fills the top of the playfield as intended. But I can't for the life of me figure out how to rotate it in the VPX editor. I can unlock it and drag it around, but I can't resize it or rotate it. Am I missing something?
  4. Ok a brief update. Earlier in the thread I mentioned that I hadn't experienced a pinball machine with a shaker motor in real life, so I couldn't really say how mine compared. Well, this weekend I hit Flippers Arcade & Pinball Museum while vacationing in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It's a great place with an amazing collection of pinball tables all set to free play ($9 admission for 2-hours). Anyway, they had several machines with shaker motors including AC/DC, Medieval Madness, and Earthquake, to name just a few. I can now confidently say, this DIY shaker motor performs just as well as a "real" pinball shaker motor. The effect I get from my shaker is every bit as dramatic as the tables mentioned above. Cheers all!
  5. Is it just me or does the game not use coins? I can insert coins and the coin reel goes up, but when I start a game it never goes down. Just me? Is there a free play setting in the script I missed?
  6. @MPTech try downloading v1.1 and see if that fixes things for 3 screen setups.
  7. Sorry about that. Thought I had done that. I'll try again and post an updated file shortly.
  8. Hmmm... I've only built two backglasses, so I hope I got it right. I've only used this one on a machine with a 4:3 backbox monitor. But I think you right click on the backglass and change the option there. The option screen should look like this if that helps. There should be a "hidden" option in that grill drop down.
  9. Are you running the other SSF FX3 PUP packs? https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=40432 You'll need to get that setup first, then just drop this into your Pup Videos folder. I do recommend that you go into FX3 audio settings and turn your table sounds down to about 50%. I wouldn't turn them off, because there are a lot of sounds SSF in FX3 can't reproduce (like the ball rolling).
    One of my favorite PUP packs. You could have chosen so many movies to base this on and Baby Driver was a most excellent choice.
  10. That is the 4k playfield I upgraded to. The measurement in the spec was spot on. Which was a good thing, because this was the only 4k screen that I could find that was small enough for my cab. I did not decase it and I don't think you could. It's super thin and light weight. There's no way there's a metal housing inside. I suspect the whole thing is held together by the outer clamshell.
  11. Here's the comments from the top of the script. It does look like it came from MJR. ' MJR's nudge plug-in for cabinets with accelerometers and tilt bobs ' Anyone can use this freely for any purpose, but it has NO WARRANTY of any kind ' ' If your pin cab has an analog accelerometer and a real tilt bob, ' this plug-in will improve how tables handle input from the tilt bob ' switch. With the standard VP core scripts, the tilt bob has the ' unwanted effect of sending a big simulated jolt to the table ' physics. If you have an accelerometer, you don't want that extra ' "fake" jolt, because the ball is already getting the right amount ' of nudge action from the accelerometer input.
  12. Honestly, I have no idea. I may have downloaded it from MJR, but if so it was a while ago. I remember struggling to get accelerometer based tilting working before I got a tilt bob. I wonder if I downloaded it then. If it's not needed then I'll just leave it deleted.
  13. I found the culprit. The script file NudgePlugin.vbs seems to be causing the havoc. I deleted it and Maverick plays normally. Added it back and it crashes. Any idea why that plugin would cause this table to crash?
  14. Deleting the registry entry for the table didn't fix it. Sometimes when the table crashes, I see a script error that says "Line 1: Object not a collection." I think the error is showing up every time, but it's hidden behind the backglass or something. Pressing my launch button (enter) is like clicking "OK" on the script error, which is what triggers the table to close.
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