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  1. So, I had really high hopes of getting a video of my brother-in-law as a Mandalorian, playing the Mandalorian table, on a Mandalorian pinball cab. But right around Christmas when I gave this to him, he started reworking his suit. So it's going to have to wait a while.
  2. And............................... It's done! I didn't keep meticulous notes, but my best guess is that the final total cost of the project after having to upgrade the video card, adding the vinyl, the lighted marquee, launch button, etc. is around $250.
  3. Here's a look at my buttons and lock bar. Paper inserts printed on my ink jet printer and fitted into the buttons. My lock down bar is a piece of aluminum angle taped to the edge of screen with double sided gorilla tape. I used some offset angle I had left over from the big cab. It's got one leg that's taller than the other. I used it for side rails on the big cab. A small scrap was perfect for the lock bar. Here's the front panel with the vinyl installed. You'll see a tiny little button above the shooter. That's a launch butt
  4. Now it was time to start applying the vinyl. But wait!.... My design created a weird space where the playfield and backglass came together. I'd made a little piece of wood that would go in between and hide the gap. But I needed to nail it in from the sides, which meant it had to go on before the vinyl. So both monitors had to get installed, then I nailed the cross piece in and filled the holes. Then it was finally time to start applying the vinyl. I have to say, the vinyl looks great. But I almost botched the application severa
  5. So now it was time for disassembly. I took everything apart and routed a rounded edge all along each side panel (but not along the back and bottom edge). This was to make it a little more comfortable to rest your hands near the flippers. I filled with drywall mud, sanded, primed and painted everything white. I didn't take many pics of this phase, but here's the end result (in front of it's bigger brother).
  6. ith the display bug worked out, it was back to work. My vinyl arrived. I used a company called Best of Signs and just had them print a giant sticker. I think the vinyl cost all of $25 including shipping, which was phenomenal. Test fitting the marquee.
  7. At this point in the project, I remember hitting a snag. I was having problems with the playfield going dark at random, sometimes blinking on and off. I thought it was a system setting, or driver issue, or a loose connection. At one point I found a bent pin the DVI cable I was using, but a new cable didn't fix it. I was trying to avoid buying a new graphics card, but that's what eventually solved it. I switched from the ATI Radeon card to a Nvidia GTX 750ti and the problem went away. That added $68 to the build, which in Nov. 2020 was a steal for a GTX 750ti.
  8. The back has a large exhaust fan and an IEC power outlet/switch. I decided to repurpose the front panel connectors from the Dell donor PC to provide some external USB ports. Here's a look at the inside of that back panel. I added a small intake fan to the bottom of the cab. Starting to work on the marquee. I bought a piece of clear plastic and some small aluminum angle at the local big box hardware store. It's lit by some 12v led string lights connected to the same power as the audio amps.
  9. ******************** Well it looks like the Wayback Machine didn't index the second page of my build. I guess I'm going to have to go from memory. ***********************
  10. I don’t have anything exciting to show for it, but I did do quite a bit of work on this project this weekend. I put an intake fan in the floor near the front, and began to work on the back panel which will hold a large exhaust fan, IEC power outlet, the PC start button, and a couple of USB ports. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but given how tightly packed everything is, it’s taking longer than it normally would. I have to be sure everything is in just the right place and won’t interfere with anything else. That work isn’t quite done, but I’ll post some pics once there’s something worth showing.
  11. Sound and simple SSF added! I was curious how well a two exciter SSF setup would work and, at least in a small cab, the answer is quite well. I used a Y cable to merge the rear and side outputs from my sound card. So the rear and side outputs all get routed to these two exciters. There’s obviously no front/back action happening, but the fact that the table sounds are coming from the table and in stereo is enough to create the illusion.
  12. We have pinball! Next up is sound, including SSF.
  13. I always underestimate how much time wiring takes. The left and right harnesses are built, but I haven’t terminated anything on the Pinscape end yet. Here’s where things almost went horribly wrong. I forgot to account for the wiring when positioning the plunger. It just barely clears. I’ll replace the washers on my plunger assembly with something with a smaller outside diameter.
  14. Saturday progress. Plenty of space in the front. But the 4 pin motherboard power cable won’t reach. So I need to extend it. Things are a little tight in the back. I modified the PSU so the cables come out what was the top. This means I can stand the PSU up so it takes up less floor space and reduces the cable clutter. To the left is my 12v supply for the audio amp boards. It’s taking up more space than it needs to. It’s what I have on hand, but I may replace it with a more compact wall wart sort of 12v supply.
  15. Made some more sawdust today. This is coming together nicely. First, I rough cut one side with a scroll saw. Then used rasps and sandpaper to make sure the lines were straight and the curves fluid. I then rough cut the other side, making sure it was about 1/8″ larger than the first side. Next, I taped the two together with some double sided carpet tape, clamped everything down and used a trim router with a template bit (and the first side as my template) to make sure they’re identical. Nothing special here and that’s part of what I want to
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