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    COWABUNGA DUDES AND DUDETTES!!!!! ! Here it is!!. My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 Movie PuP Pack!!!!! Thank you to David Grace for his work on the cartoon version!!!! Thank you to Andrew Walsh for all the Topper Callouts and BackGlass!!!! Thank you to Joey Beaulieu for all the overlays!!!! And Thank you to John Memeo for the screen setups and that tricky Multi-Ball trigger. A big special thanks to my best friend Gerard GEFLEX Porcello for helping me pick the best scenes for the triggers!!! Also included in the download are some dope wheels by Dom Wainwright !!!!!!!! I do not recommend using the color DMD that is out there for this pup pack as the color DMD is based off the cartoon and it does not fit at all. There is a password on the zip and the answer is high speed ( the 1986 pinball machine is in the movie in the foots warehouse)
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