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    Nice table for VR and it's well done, lot's of things pop. Thanks for sharing
    Found another well done table that's a lot of fun to play thanks to you updating your backglass, backglass looks great too!! Thanks
    Very nice table looks and plays great, thanks for sharing.
    Great rebuild, love the feel. Thanks for sharing.
    Another WOW, table looks, sounds, feels and plays great......both versions VPX and VR....NOTE for VR users that want a ball reflection, go into table options and turn "ball reflection" on, looks awesome. Thanks team, great stuff!!
    Great looking and playing table and the update makes it that much better, thanks to all involved.
    You had me at "scantily clad amazon warrior women" Table looks and plays great, thanks for sharing.
    Gotta love the widebody, good job on it, table looks and plays great. Superman standing beside the machine is a nice touch. Thanks.
    This table quickly became one of my top 5 favorite tables. Great sound, looks awesome and plays better, not to mention the VR is fantastic. Thanks for sharing!!
    Another blast from the past that I really enjoyed and now I can place it in front of me at home Table looks and plays great. Thanks again!!
    Excellent recreation, just like I remember from playing this at our local Pizza joint many, many,many years ago. Thanks
    This is awesome, the updates have really transformed this table to elite status. Thanks!!
    Love the table and the pup, table has some real feel to it It all brings back memories of a great show from yesteryear. Thanks to all involved for creating and sharing it.
    This is fantabulous, love the aprons, thanks for sharing!!
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