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  1. Thanks Rob, I really appreciate it! even though I really stink at this game, but I keep trying! 😃
  2. Rysr


  3. Thank You for your continued support and dedication!
  4. Dazz. If you have your VP tables folder in a drive other than c, I found that you can create an empty P-ROC folder in the root of that drive, then create a Shared folder in it and copy only the log.txt file from the same directory of your c: drive install into the new shared folder. ( IE: D:\P_ROC\shared\log.txt ). My VP install is on d: drive, and I run my tables from d: normally, but on my desktop PC I download new tables to test first on my F: drive, then move them to D: and also to my CAB after testing and adjustments. So On my desktop PC I have P-Roc installed on my C: dri
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