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  1. You can find the latest copy if you Google it. Then just drop into the folder. I had the same issue on another table.
  2. I bought my wide body cabinet from VirtuaPin. Came out great. I also had a lot of help from a few forums, including this one, and Mame in a Box with Major Frenchy. Oh, and Pin2DMD is the way to go.. Good luck!
  3. I've got a brand new 5 LED BAR DIY Kit from Mame in a Box for sale. Never installed. I used an LED panel instead. Comes with 5 LED lights and circuit board to hook up to an LED WIZ. Board supports 5V or 12V input. Major Frenchy still has pictures up on his site if you want to see it. $50 shipped. Send me a PM if interested.
  4. I plan to use Pinup Popper, but I am trying to get all of my games worked out first before I install it. I just installed Pinup Player and Pup Packs and they are killer!!
  5. Thanks Lucky. I'm going to guess that I can't have both windows device drivers at the same time? I don't want to change it and it have an impact on my VPX tables DMD operation.
  6. Trying to get my Pin2DMD to show up in FP. I've downloaded the file and placed in the same folder as my FuturePinball.exe....But no dice. Thought it would be a simple thing. Am I missing something? Pin2DMD works great in VPX. Thanks.
  7. I think I've got my Pin2DMD on the verge of working in FX3, but not sure that I have my settings right in FX3. Can anyone share their Dot Matrix Position and Size settings from FX3 for use with Pin2DMD? Thanks!
  8. Ah, that explains it. I wasn’t aware that there was a USB based 16 Sainesmart board as I have the one controlled through the LEDWIZ. Although DOF only has 8 programmable port assignments, it must still read all 16. Do you know why it might be losing connection periodically?
  9. Thanks for the reply Outthere. So, if I have my contactors and shaker running through the Sainesmart 16 board, and DOF doesn't support the Sainesmart 16, how are they operating? I ask because the more I play with it, the less I'm seeing a cutout of the DOF while playing. Wondering if I need to replace the Sainesmart 16 with two Sainesmart 8's, or just leave it alone. I will be pulling my screen over the next few days to install a couple more things...I'll take some pics and add them.
  10. Hey all. I’m running a Sainsmart 16 to fuse block to LEDWIZ. I’ve got 10 contractors, shaker and beacons. I thought that DOF didn’t support a 16 relay Sainsmart, so I ordered 2 sets of 8 relays that I haven’t hooked up yet. However, I did config a file in DOF for one 8 relay Sainesmart and installed it. I am operating out of VP right now as I’m finalizing my tables, testing content, etc. That said, as I was messing around in a couple of tables today, my DOF turned on! My contactors worked, beacons were going off, etc. Even more interesting is that my flipper contactors and beacons are
  11. Hey guys. Just to update, I was able to get it working. Looks fantastic. When I started the system this afternoon, the computer chimes and a window opened up that was for the pin2dmd. It had a 32 bit pin2dmd.exe file that was trying to access the key by itself. I put the key file in the folder and restarted the .exe file. And it registered. Thanks again for the support.
  12. Thanks Lucky. Can you tell me how to do that? I’m assuming I need pin2dmd.exe version 2.x then I’ll be able to run the ST-Link firmware?
  13. Heres my driver page. Also, my firmware is Colorprism v2.67
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