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  1. BTW, I don't think Xtension / Rec Room Masters is in business any longer. Their websites are no longer online. I talked with the owner in June '21 and he was being driven crazy with supply chain issues. Said he couldn't get melamine or buttons.
  2. Everything but the PC is inside the cabinet. I leave the PC external to isolate it from the shaker, and for better cooling.
  3. I have two virtual tables, one using an ASUS GTX 1650, the other using an ASUS RTX 2070. Both are three screen full size units with 4k playfields. When playing VPX tables - like Medieval Madness - some of the video features don't work with the 1650, but the tables still play ok. The most noticeable thing in the MM tables is the Trolls don't pop up with the 1650, but do pop up when using a GTX 1070 or RTX 2070. However, if all I had was a table using a 1650 I wouldn't have noticed this.
  4. Built a new widebody cab so I’m willing to sell the old full size cab with the following toys for 75% of what I paid for the materials. The computer is not included as I’m using it in the new cab. Xtension 40" cabinet 1,000 Vizio 4K 60hz playfield 250 Polaroid 720p backglass 135 VSdisplay 14.9" DMD 130 Includes p/s & driver case Stern knocker 25 Stern Shaker 100 10ea SW3 Solenoids 100 4ea 58mm SSF inducers 76 2ea Bass Impactors 98 8" subwoofer 24 Nissan gear motor 23 2ea LP-838 amps for SSF 40 Kinter amp for back glass 27 Back glass speakers 22 Sainsmart 16 channel 15 32 channel LEDWIZ 50 SSF P/S 23 StarTech 7.1 card 35 Terminal Blocks, wire (lots of it), etc. 125 Total spent over $2,298 If you pick up ---- $2,298 X .75 = $1,723 I can hook up a computer and show that everything works - then I take it away for my new machine. If you live in the Westside Portland/Beaverton/Tigard, Oregon area, & can help deliver it locally only. I have pinball skates and a pickup. Why am I selling this cabinet? I built a new widebody and would rather have the room - just don’t need two virtual machines. I also have a brand new Vizio 405-G9 purchased as a spare that I’ll include for an additional $225.
    Nice job! My favorite MM B2S. Thank you.
  5. I'm using a 12 volt power window motor for the gear motor in my cab, but want to use something louder, powered with 24vdc. Looking for suggestions. What are other cab builders using for gear motors?
  6. I am unable to find clear instructions on how to install Direct Output Formatter in my FX3 Windows 10 system. I've looked here, on vpforums, and on vpuniverse. They have ones for visual pinball, etc, but are confusing because they don't directly apply to FX3 unless you are able to translate the directory names & structure - making it easy to mess up. Existing tutorials don't directly address pinball FX3, installation, Can someone help? Thanks.
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