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  2. mjrnet vpin build guide is a good source for getting information about trigger and effect codes.
  3. ADD means the effect moves down. ADR means the effect moves To the right. ADL means the effect moves to the left ADU means the effect moves up. AS defines the speed the effect moves for example AS100 let the effect moving through the defined area in 1 second, 200 in a half second,400 in a quarter of a second 1000 in 100ms an so on. E800 Purple 60 AW100 AH100 ADD AS300 If event 800 happens, the effect goes through the whole area (height and width at 100℅) from up to down in 1/3 of a second in purple. Each led is on for 60ms. I know it's mindfuck
  4. I know its an old thread but maybe its helpful for someone who has the same problem. It was a little trial and error but no witchcraft to me doing this. I'll give you an example for TOTAN. There are 4 balls in the "magazine" while attract mode is active. So all 4 ball trough switches (W32-35) are closed at this point. After the game begins only trough 1-3 (W32-34) are closed because one ball is on the playfield now and the other 3 balls were rolling down the "magazine" (no ball in trough 4 anymore = open). If you have locked two balls the switches for lock 1 and 2 (W66 + 67) are
  5. Hello, I've got following problem: I was bulding build a matrix effect that should be triggert only when one specific solenoid is on and another specific solenoid is on too. I used following trigger: (S35 = 1 and S25 = 1). The first trigger is the vanish magnet from totan an the second trigger is the so called "start tale flasher". Unfortunately my toys does'nt react at all when I use combined triggers. To test this I tried to turn on a simple led flasher by using the solenoid numbers from the flippers (S"flipperleft" = 1 and S"flipperright" = 1) but nothing happens if i press both
  6. Hello, I've got a little suggestion for further versions of the dof config tool. Would it be possible to add a feature that allows the user to check/uncheck which tables from the database shall be added to the . ini file created by the config tool? That would make it much easier and faster to find the table someone is looking for and change single effects for testing reasons or adjusting the parameters of them(if someone writes his own effects for example) just by editing the config file without using the config tool everytime. This would be an advantage in cases where a cab isnt co
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