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    Amazing work, all. Plays like a dream! Thank you for all you do.
  1. Is this scripted at all to mimic the Stern table? I assume no, but wanted to verify.
    Such an amazing recreation. Love this table in real life.
  2. Here ya go! Not really a gameplay video lol, but you can see the cab. IMG_2915.MOV
  3. Amazing work, Rawd! So good that I’m modding a cab just for it!
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This is a full DMD conversion of @HiRez00's amazing Whirlwind topper. I reached out to HiRez a couple times over the past few weeks and could not contact him. However, PLEASE let me know if you want me to take this down. In short, this takes the awesome topper he made and converts it into a FullDMD, with some new features. What's New? "Early warning signs" added to the storm hold graphic (rain drops and blowing leaves) Graphic and audio alarms that fire when the storm arrives (stop when the storm is over) Simple DMD Overlay I've also included the original pup pack so that no one overrides their copy or if they prefer to use the version on their topper.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    I really enjoy Black Flaggers and have been toying around with a SUP INI file for it. I think it's good enough to share, but it's not the most straightforward install. I'll try to be as detailed as I can. Thanks to @TerryRed for a lot of help. Please Note: These instructions are for PinupPopper users only, and assume you used Nailbuster's instructions for adding Pinball Wicked. This also assumes you are already set up with DOF and DOFLinx. 1) Create a "Sup" folder in your DirectOutput main folder. 2) Place PinballWickedMacro.ini in the new sup folder. 3) Add the following to the very top of your "Launch Setup" for the PinballWicked emulator in Popper: 4) If you do nothing else, this will enable you to get SSF for the flippers (and, based on my testing, some of the other effects as well). Adding support for lighting and other DOF effects 5) The SUP INI file has everything you need to trigger the effects, but you need to go to DOF Config Utility and edit the "DOFLinx: Effects - Custom" table config as follows: You can turn start, launch, fire to ON, if you like that. Coin is on by default. The next 3 depend if you have a shaker, beacon, or fan. Only turn on what you want: The next set of effects gets the lighting effects to fire correctly (video attached). Make sure to save changes! DO NOT CLICK "SUBMIT FOR PUBLIC CONSIDERATION" IMG_2711.mp4
  6. Why do I feel like this references a very specific VPF user
  7. Let’s also make sure that we all make an effort to include your name when authoring a file. There are a lot of pup packs where the author info isn’t found anywhere and, without vpinball, tough to track down if not impossible.
  8. For those of you who want to try something different, you can remove the VNI file. It produces some interesting results, beyond what you would get with a normal palette.
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