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  1. ordering 5 of 128 x 16 evo boards and get this from them.. have uploaded both centroid and bom file. but cant find any info on this..
  2. Do I have to buy one sd-card for each board or is it any memory on the evo board to install the colorization? love this! ??
  3. On a Royal rumble, data East Can i Connect as in picture (from cn6) to this blue 12v dc? And where goes ground? feel a bit lost ??‍♂️? Edit: ive done it! Now the board has connection 12v thru the wpc connection and the evo board light green. But the displays dont light up... But one step closer
  4. Ive Been looking for a complete guide on how to connect to a wpc game the best way. Seen some small cards (can I buy in Europe?) y-cable to Z connector. Picture on that?
  5. Any guide how to solder/install the LED-displays to the evo board? cant find anything about it.
  6. where can i find the files for real pinball?
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