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  1. If you have a good sound system on your cab , please use the Pinsound OST (or altsound if it is available). The sound is fantastic and together with this fantastic recreation from G5k/3dAxis/Sliderpoint I promise you will have a fabulous immersive experience ! The original sound is simply off putting but with the movie sounds as an alternative it becomes magnitudes better. Pup pack is great as well !
  2. 10.7 Final has been out for a number of weeks now. No more betas so it is a good time to switch over for those in doubt 😉
  3. Absolutely agree. I am still waiting for a Pup pack that would take this table to the next level. The original (real) custom pinball table Cuphead has a sort of pup pack as backglass.
  4. VPX 10.7 has been finalised and is now stable. So no more betas. You can get VPX 10.7 Final for the standalone .exe here : https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=11572 or here for the installer : https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=11573
  5. Vpx 10.7 only. (when loading it in 10.6 it will ask you to use 10.7 instead )
  6. Getting Police Force back would be great. It is the best VPX version in my opinion .
  7. I love the table. thank you for this creation. 👍
  8. Love it! Looks and plays beautifully! One issue: The left flipper is misaligned with the inlane. The ball hobbles onto the flipper. Thank you so much!
  9. I have been doing that. But then the next culprit is that sound levels for certain sounds are off (some then are super loud on the backglass or the bass stresses the subwoofer). So I can change those sound levels in sound manager too and then change the global sound levels in general in the script. And then the sound levels for the videos in the pup pack editor. See where this is going?
  10. Really amazing work on this table. Graphically very nice and great effects. I bet this plays really well on desktop. On a cabinet, however, there are things to be resolved: - sound design: separation between backglass sounds / table sounds - Jurassic Park music is not playing for me. - physics: strange ball behaviour. A table with a lot of potential but a bit tricky on a cabinet at the moment. Thank you for the hard work that went into it.
    The table looks great and it really shows a lot of work went into this. Pretty amazing. I really want to like this table, however I play on a Vpin cab and it is not the best experience: - no distinction between table sounds and backglass sounds (my exciters go crazy) - the Jurassic Park background music doesn't play - physics are weird. I think this might be fun on desktop, but a pass for me on a cabinet at this stage. Will definitely be 5 star when a little more attention to cabinet mode would be given.. In any case, fantastic job already and thank you!
  11. This has been the best version around for a long time, however I don't use it as the solid sword blocks the view on the inlane. Would it be hard to replace the sword with a more open one ?
  12. I am so glad they are back! Thank you so much @Siggifor putting these tables back up!
  13. I am using Pinsound on the table and it lifts up sound quality by a lot. Can recommend on this one!
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