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  1. I love the new 5:4 ratio option but it bothered me that the pup dmd is so small and I love to see it maximised. I concocted my own solution for my 5:4 screen. I chose the 3- screen pup option with Full DMD, altered the position of the Full DMD in the Pup-pack editor (Screen Positions) to be full width and central on my backglass and made my own .png background to replace the backglass image in the pup pack showing the major and minor villains top/bottom.
  2. Thank you for the 1.1.0 update. It is working very well for me with the 5:4 ratio screen option. (I wish the video portion of the screen could be bigger but it looks great!, I might Frankenstein the video pup DMD to maximise on the screen for my own use). I am using the table in VPX 10.7 beta (though 10.6 is recommended) and all works flawlessly...The new sharpening CAS option in 10.7 makes the table pop! Perfect! Big thank you to the whole team for all the hard work! Amazing we can all play this fantastic table!
    Well done table! Thank you.
  3. Love the table! Thank you!
  4. The new update is the same as the one from a couple of days ago? The numbering and file size is the same....
  5. I am not sure if it is related to the Altsound, but the backglass sounds/music are roaring through my exciters (table sound system) instead of the backglass speakers. In my VPX preferences everything is ok... Baffled to what can cause a table to swap table sounds with backglass sounds....ps, I am running 10.7 beta
  6. Yes, you don't need the "Pup-pack on top". I should delete that part from my earlier post.
  7. I use the "Configure Displays/ Locations" option in the Puppackeditor.exe to put the Full DMD screen on my backglass monitor and resize.
    I'll just add the biggest compliment about the table: it is just so much fun to play and that's what it is about in the end! Thanks so much!
  8. Incredible job! Thank you so much! I appreciate all the hard work you guys did, the result is beautiful. As I have a 4:3 ratio screen and I want to retain the 16:9 ratio of the Pup , I Frankensteined the Pup layout to my preference: Full DMD on backglass.
  9. Quick rule sheet overview: https://www.colorado-pinball.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Batman-66.pdf Batman-66.pdf
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