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  1. What you are seeing is something for testing the table during development. Open the script, search for TestMode and set it to 0 to disable this and you should be fine after that
  2. Read DMD extension instructions here: https://github.com/freezy/dmd-extensions ... You can also override all options per game by using the game's name as section name and pre-fixing options with the name of the section (apart from [global] options, which aren't prefixed). For example if you have a PinDMD2 and don't want to use it for Baywatch which has a different resolution, you would create a section like this: [baywatch] pindmd2 enabled = false virtualdmd enabled = true virtualdmd left = 2500 virtualdmd top = 800 virtualdmd width = 1024 virtualdmd height = 256 This is also useful if you just want to fit the virtual DMD onto different backglasses which have slightly different positions.
  3. For extracting the table script, you can also use Vpinballx -extractvbs "<table filename>.vpx"
  4. Thanks for the sharing these updates. It was a great read. Looking forward to seeing what we can achieve with VPE
  5. Well, it might help if you tell us what you are doing. How would anyone be able to tell you what you are missing if you don’t even mention what you are doing. Maybe I should just answer “Yes, you are missing something” and then not even bother to mention what that something is...
  6. For RGB, take a look at STLE script and you will see that the RGB insert consists of 3 lights R, G and B. Each RGB light instead of returning 0 or 1, it will return a value of 0 to 255
  7. I finally updated PIN2DMD from 2.07 to 2.39 and running recent vpinmame installs. I have PIN2DMD fully working with VP tables. The only issue I have is I lost the dmd video and image playback when browsing tables in Pinballx. I tried copying the newer XDMD.dll and XDMDNative.dll into the Pinballx root folder and also SysWow64 folder with no luck Is there any other setup needed? DMD works fine after selecting a table from Pinballx Thanks
  8. I thought the missing B2S issue when using pinballx was fixed with PinballX release 2.33 https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/19077-news-pinballx-233/
  9. I tried this out last night but site was down earlier try starting with the last color palette (amber?) and change the hue on all the colors to 7 i think the brightness slider should also be increased is ther a way to save default brightness to the SD card? Thanks
  10. On a virtual pincab or a real pinball machine? Either way you need the controller and shield.
  11. Try updating B2S server. http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=12553
  12. Instead of gate3.collidable, you can also use gate3.open and you will actually see the gates open, i.e SolCallback(51) = "Gate3.Open ="SolCallback(52) = "Gate2.Open ="
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