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  1. can anyone tell me why the slides are not changing , my b2s is set to slides ? the logo is spinning but slide remains same
  2. Hi , I have setup everything up and freezy works fine on the relevant FP tables no problem, I noticed at the start of this thread it was mentioned that Freezy could be disabled for certain pinevent tables "can be used only when you want to use it, not just forced to autorun on all tables (this is handy if you don't want to use this while playing PinEvent tables" I cannot seem to locate the info on how this is acheived. ( for example i can see freezy running under the pinevent halloween dmd which it does not need to be any guidance on this minor issue would be appreciated TIA
  3. Hi , Latest pinup and didnt use baller , im gonna keep trying , just downloading day 2 from mega - seems slow , ill update progress tomora
  4. hi , I meant its not closing at all , i have to go into task manager and stop pinupdisplay
  5. great tables , i have noticed that when closing the table thru popper the pup pack keeps going - any fix for this - i do not have this issue with other pups running latest 10.7
  6. is there a way to save the LUT on table , when i change in script , it always defaults back to default , i can change manually but just wanna check i not missed anything obv
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