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    Why does the Apollo 13 loading screen have the space shuttle? There is a Space Shuttle table, use this for that one and make a loading video of the Saturn V rocket
  1. I just installed PUP and this is 1st download for me on this, but the ZIP file comes up invalid, is this normal?
  2. what am I doing wrong, this is the only 10.7 I have DL'd and I can not get a backglass to come up for DP table
  3. yea, the Pinball X front end doesn't support APNG, so the GIF is the version we use
  4. now that your newer ones are being made correctly for those of us using the GIF can you go back and fix these ones for us?
  5. Pritch, you are the only one that is making this correctly, thank you. I am still on Pinball X and only your GIF files are transferable to that front end
  6. If anyone is interested I have permission from Ted himself to make an update table on VPX. Add music, ramps and etc. the works. I am fairly good at graphic stuff and some sounds but I know I am in over my head to try and do a whole new table the way it should be done. Anyone want to help? TED WILL SEE IT when it is done to give his "thumbs up"
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