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    One of the greats for sure and to support it with so many updates and tweaks, well I often have to stand back and take stock of it all. All this work, all these tables all for free. Its incredible really. Tanks to all involved with this table, and all others too. It plays incredibly true to the real table and its one of those "just one more game" tables.
  1. One of my faves. Theres already some great versions of this and its always nice to see improvements. Thanks Gold, 32 and all involved.
  2. In the bud. Great recreation guys. This is an essential grab for any enthusiast.
  3. Been my favorite table in the cab for years, since release way back when. Its fantastic on its own, and the AI you've added and support you've given is incredible. Thanks so much.
  4. Awesome. Been after an excuse to put this in the cab (so I can use the awesome BG).
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