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  1. A bit of more time available... A few dozens of balls played on "The Champion pub"... And I run into Terranigma post asking for colorization for this ROM... The planets are aligned for me to start a new colorization project ! I had the frustration not to be the "owner" of the Last Action Hero ROM colorization thread that I spent so many times on... so now, this one will definitlety be mine !!! Mouha ha ha !! So, just to say, that I'm starting to work on the ROM colorization of this funny table from Bally. It will be right away in 64 colors, so only for PIN2DMD owners on Pincab... sorry guys but you'll need to push freezy not me to have this 64colors on your LCD screen !! I did not have a look at the HD version.. don't know how it works.. so I will stick for now to what I know. Right from the start you will need to have Firmware 4.1x+ in order to run the file as it uses LCM and LRM. ROM version : english 1.6 (I don't if they are other that are used/popular..) WIP files are available on this Google Drive : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1GKF5wRBLsmHb-g4_hMY2_JrFwIupnKiD?usp=sharing Thanks to @Terranigma for referencing all colorization projects and for @Wob to share the dumps of this ROM. CHANGELOG 19/10/2021 : - Attract mode : main screens are done, still missing the design team scn when heads are displayed - Skillshot : more or less ok for ball1, misses some frames on ball 2 when $ sign is displayed - Ball 1 locked : 50% - End of ball bonus : some glitches on scores - End of ball bonus : some screens are not colored, nedd to improve keyframes - Fight : initial coloring of shots (GUT, head, jab) - Fight : BAM, BELCH, POW, BURP, HIC done, missing BOOM and maybe others - Fistacuff multiball : initial coloring -> need checking - Lotery + loose end : initial color (not lookign so good, need to change the pal)
  2. Hi Terranigma, I may have a look at it as I enjoy playing this table. Thanks for the dumps, it'll help !
  3. Hi all, You were several people contacting me to have a bit of clarification over the project. Let me share you what's going on. I have a new mission in my current job since the last couple of months that is really intense and doesn't allow me to spend a lot of time on this project. I'm in charge of chinese operations and I'm traveling a lot there from France. I thought I would have time during the manadatory quarantine period there, but it ended up that it was not the case. As @trueno92 was offering to help in the colorization of this project for months, I proposed him my files to go on with the 64colors improvement. All in all, others might be also be interested. Therefore, as it was my intention from the beginning, you will find in this Google Drive the projects files I've been we've been working on for the last year. It took 300+ hours of my time (perhaps even more) and I must say I really enjoyed working on this and appreciated a lot your help in this. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ambfVNg8NYI0ZO1qTXjo4RWSiHSAg4mF?usp=sharing I realeased v1.3 for VPIN / v1.2 for RPIN in the download section of VPU. These will be my last version. For now on, @trueno92 or others might go on, and I suggest you work together in improving this nice ROM colorizaton. You can publish your work as "MOD" of my project, I would appreciate you leave credit to me when doing so. As it was my first colorization project, I've made a lot of mistakes and mis-optimization of the palettes or way of coloring in the first scenes... and I must say that even if I'm a lot more knowledgeable now, I'm still not an expert. But I will try and help you getting started on the project if it can insure very nice and complete MOD of the colors !! I will stay tuned, and hopefully will enjoy playing on my pincab this worderful table of LAH with brand new scenes and colors ! All in all, if I happen to have more time available again, I might end up color a new ROM, they are several others that I would love to do.. !
  4. You need to check if you don't already have a keyframe that would trigger another color scene instaed. If two coloring scene are correponding, who knows which the system will select.. ! So on the project, if there was a keyframe attached to the inital coloring, find it and change the scene that is triggered by the new one. Here's a short video to explain that :
  5. Hi @trueno92 Here's a video where you can see the M-Ball background you've worked on at 3:13 ! I'm not talented as you are for commenting live the video, but I'll improve in the next ones ! Spending some time again on playing the game makes me realize the huge potential left on many scenes for background, color swap improvement and so on... ! By the way, I realized that the goto movies countdown scene was not completely fixed. The background still goes to blue when the ball pass by the screen.. I mixed the files with onedrive/G drive before passing them on to you. Could you please have a look at gotomovies_LCM and change the blue colors on frame 2 to 5 (not on frame 1). You should replace each blue from group A1 of the palette to grey group A4. To change quickly, you select fill in tool with size 3 and you click once each color... it'll change all the pixels of the same color in the frame. It's rather quick to do ! I'm not sure it the solution... but it is worth trying !
  6. Hi, just a quick update reworking the mask and that should fix the issue. Files are on the G drive !
  7. Hi, oh my.. you're right! I need to rework this scene... I am now a bit more skilled using LCM, I should find out the solution !! In addition, I'm not so happy with the color (which was made by my daughter).. ! I'll have a look at it.
  8. Hi @holasa This file version is for RealPin only, you can find the VirtualPin version in the appropriate category. There are two versions for realpin, one in 16 colors for Freezy, one in 64colors for Pin2DMD. Hope you'll enjoy !
  9. New update with the m-ball scene finished... Thanks for your feedback, I'll take into account your suggestions !
  10. Still some work to do on M-BALL ready, so not be surprised some frames are missing on this one... As I changed numerous palettes, please report if any other animations were impacted and look weird ! I'm currently abroad and cannot test the file on my pin2dmd. Hope it looks good ! The files are on the drive ! Old : New : I had to got rid of the score in order to have enough colors... it'll display "HURRY" instead
  11. It's been a while, but I've been working on improving the intro. I've spent 20+ hours, so I hope you'll enjoy the result. Still some more work to do before putting the files on the drive. I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, here are some previews. Putting a background made it possible to have the copter painted grey/black as in the movie. Old : New : Old : New :
  12. Hi, I get an error while trying to copy some content with the lastest beta version of the editor (july 1st), whatever the size of the selection or the type of scene. Is there anything I can try to correct this ? The funny part, is if I click "Proceed" and try to paste, this is what I get : As if it was trying to copy the whole window..
  13. @bushav I'm turning this problem around using a single frame scene that is triggered on the last frame. It suits both Vpin and Rpin needs as time might be different. Do not use the "replace sequence mode" that is causing issues. Hope it helps !
  14. Hi, New update tonight with some corrections : - At last, I recorded the action + hero + last sequence that was missing... it is now colored. Doing so, I also changed and completed the colors on the 3 variations of "action" (ammo + red shirt) : - I changed the LCM to the bumper, it should be better : left is yellow, middle is orange and right is red. But i only have 100.000 value, how do you get the One million ??? is it only on ROM 1.13 ? - I changed the palette for the (instant info) and all screens with the surronding "border" - the text should always be brighter (but with less shadow effect on it in order to cover all variations) - I revert the change on the border to keep it to a single color, the 3 lah colors made the border look a bit messy Sorry @Flens I cannot change the time for world record scene. As it is a "color mask" to display a changing variable (score), I cannot change the delay. The frames are the ones sent by the ROM, not more, not less. Go to movies, I tried sending out a lot of balls in without being able to see the errors. Could you try to capture a video of it please ? @trueno92 I know it takes time, but it's progressing ! In the meanwhile I had a look at the beta version of the editor to do some testing (I see a new version was published today, i should check again the new features). And you know, I'm also wasting time trying coloring some scenes, changing some colors and a lot of this tries are not published because i'm not happy with them. For example, I tried 3 different backgrounds for "play chicken", each time, I colored more or less 30 frames to have a look at the result, then tweak a bit, change again to find out something that I like. I definitely want to improve the intro, I just haven't figure out yet the right choices I will enjoy, and get enough time to work on it. Files are on the drive !
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