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  1. Hi @ionman99 Happy that you enjoy my work, I will soon release a new version for realpin correcting and improving the colors ! Do not hesitate to publish a review. Dtatane
  2. I finally figured out that to do the conversion, I had to "Run as an administrator" pin2dmd-editor... and once converted, I run "normally" without issues...
  3. It won't change. I tried different numbers, within my project or from a blanck one, and the value won't save. It says to restart the editor, and each time I restart the editor, it shows 6. [EDIT] I was typing in a number rather than using the up/down arrows.. using the up/down arrows, the value is saved ! But it still won't show the 16 colors choice, whatever the value I choose in number of planes I also tried importing/converting projects sources I had from malenko, and the result is the same.
  4. Hello @lucky1, (I don't know wether I should post in this thread or the firmware one.. ) I'm trying to use pin2dmd last build ( from 29/03/201) to convert my LAH colorization and try the 64 colors! I changed the configuration of pin2dmd64 in order to select 64 colors and i do get the question to convert to 64 colors at the start : But once, it is loaded, I can only choose between the 1st row, i.e. 16 colors : I tried the existnig scenes and creating new ones, the result is the same. In addition, I r
  5. Hi @Flens Unfortunately, the recording failed and the files are only showing blank scene. I had a look at original and compressed files. I'm sorry, I don't have a realpin and cannot explain you further what's wrong, maybe @Terranigma or @olschool could help ? Hope we could find a solution to get this done !! I'll have a closer ook at Blow-out ripper scene.. This is quite complicated due to the scores popping randomly on the screen. UPDATE : - new version of Double jackpot - end of play chicken scene - cat millions coat color
  6. @Flens This is it, you just have to check the "Create Dump file" check box while displaying the scene on the pin2dmd, and then uncheck the checkbox to stop recording. The dump file is a .txt file, located in pin2dmd.exe directory and should be compressed to gzip format with a software like 7-zip. Thanks !
  7. @Flens Is the "world champion" scene the one starting by this picture ? If so, I cannot dump it from the pincab. It has to be dumped directly fro a real pin to be complete (there's only this frame in the pincab version...). Would you be able to do a dump ? you have to connect your pin2dmd to a computer and use pin2dmd.exe to dump a scene that is displayed. If it's another one, could you please explain me how to see this scene ? I've tried a palette switch so to display this scene in white/grey, let me know it is ok. In palette s
  8. Hi guys, Just a quick message to tell you that I will be spending some time again on the lah colorization in the next days. Stay tuned and do not hesitate to add some details you may have notice in the last month... ! So far : - updated High score (could not test all character combination but it seems quite ok) - special lit is now colored - world champion : I was not able to dump this scene... - ball1 locked & ball2 locekd have been converted to color mask
  9. dtatane


  10. New update on the google drive : - 1.13 start screen is now colored - skillshot : tried colormask sequence -> let's try - chicken countdown : I revert some changes and completed missing scenes - Benedict BOOST : changed the colors in big mistake which shares the same animations
  11. Hi @Flens, Thanks for the videos. For skillshot, I can see that I'm missing some frames as the end of winning or miss sequence. The beginning of the animation is colored, but my recordings might not be complete. I can try to work around the problem with "color mask qequence" but i was not working very good in my previous attemps( perhaps the lateste firmware might hel) or I will require some dumps from a real pinball. Would you be able to record those 5 missing sequences, 5 winning sequences ? - Start pinball, sorry, i've been lmazy on that just modifying the colormask without checkin
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Time for an initial release for the Real Pin Thanks to the contributors who are constatly testing the game. REQUIREMENTS : - PIN2DMD firmware v4.07 or + You can find dome more information and support in the forum thread :
  13. @Flens You were right for the skillshot... that's another point of not recording on a VPIN.. ! My ball was always hitting on the top shot?? meaning, the winning sequence was always the same. I finally find out how to record the other sequences on my pincab, and I added the colorization of these to the project. Let me know if it works now... I changed the color for the menu, the display should be good whatever the date. No news for now for catch the red eye... I also did some tweaks in the color choices or added some details in some scenes : play chicken, chicken countdown, mult
  14. Ok, I've actually done again the 5 different ends of the successful skill shot sequence. The D-mask was not applied, i was displaying correctly on my pincab, but as the sync is different with real pin, I guess the copter blades were not a the exact same position meaning it was niot triggered for you guys. Let me know if it works like that.
  15. Hi @Flens, Thanks for the video, I've uploaded a new version to the Google Drive with : - new detection mask for "catch the red eye", I hope it'll wiork on real pin - change the colorization to cover 1.13 start menu - skillshot, for any reason, the Mask was selected but noit used in the keyframes. I've check the frames used in the video you've sent me. I'll double-check the others later on. Unfortunately, to colorize a bit better "ripper blow out" sequence, I uses the same algorithm as "catch the red eye". If I get the latter to work on real pin, I'll have a look at the
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