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  1. hi, i have been playing south park 1.3, and i have gotten the object error that others have mentioned... is there a fix for it?  thanks//sparky

  2. nba is being worked on when i get time. the rest need major changes to bring them up to the standard i think they need to be. NBA will be the first when its done. all that is mainly left is some scripting of the primitive upright targets and find a way to make the gi on the basketball toy fit in with the rest of the table. the basketball toy is also one huge flasher. here is a little tease of where the table is up to oooPLAYER1ooo
  3. lol i took a heap of pics of one of these not long ago in an arcade i found on holidays, not much of a game just coins rolling down a board with some toys
  4. no the indy and csi bug has always been there. i just checked and i was wrong the LE of ACDC, transformers xmen isnt working on the older dll
  5. indiana will start but as soon as you insert credits and push start button it hangs same with csi this is a long time known emulation problem as for the other issues it may just be an issue with the sam.c cause im sure i have run those LE before without any issues on an older dll
  6. once you copy over the dll you need to run the vpinmame setup program again to register com
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