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  1. Thanks yes that worked. the changing of the value from 1 to 0 did work but for some reason stopped. but as you said above the save as is by far the best way to go thanks once again
  2. I've tried saving the tables ccvpx etc but i can only save the cc table and not ccc as the ccc closes back to the desktop and will not let me go to the editor to save as
  3. I thought you were behind all of the tables in one way or another ? helping out putting the scripts together and then passing them on to the author's? well whatever your role is we need more members like you' always going the extra mile. and of course JP and toxie / outhere/ brandon/ CP/and the many others who give tirelessly of their time in the helping of others ☺️
  4. thanks anyhow once again. I'm sure the tables will be in the making at some point in the future
  5. for the other tables listed here in this you tube clip they wont work as I'll need the scripts? or find someone who understands what my screenshot faults are as above ? if anyone has the scripts for these other tables then do please let me know Evil Dead Gremlins K2000 (KnightRider) TotalSickness Jaws many thanks guys for your help. its been a good learning exercise for me and successful
  6. so the script for both tables is the same ? except PROC=0 vs PROC=1 and CC.vpx and CCC.vpx so what should i use for the Cactus Canyon ? and for Cactus Canyon Continued Cactus Canyon save as CC.vpx and Cactus Canyon Continued save as ccc.vpx ?
  7. do you know where the other script Cactus Canyon Continued _TTNZ v2.0 can be found ?
  8. I've done that and although the table now loads the script window is blank as the script wont paste so therefore is blank ? I've also placed the script in the visual pinball script folder and also the vpinname script folder
  9. thanks. my problem i have now is that i cant cut and paste the numbers just the text ? when i select all the numbers don't highlight. i did click on raw also there again the numbers don't show
  10. you've lost me. are you saying i have to download your script and then to delete the tables script and replace it with yours ? https://github.com/sverrewl/vpxtable_scripts/blob/master/Cactus Canyon (Bally 1998) TTNZ v2.0.vbs
  11. yes that's working. sorry for the delay in getting back to you. its just the errors now as above on starting the table from the table folder
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