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  1. Thank you for your answer. I didn't understand that you were talking about the B2S DMD (my poor English ...). I was thinking of displaying videos on the DMD, a bit like on the HPGOF table. OK, you are managing a new Backglass + a topper. I can't actually display this on my real DMD. Thanks for your work.
  2. Hi, After installing the files in Pupvideos folder and setting up the new db2s, I have no difference on my Pin2DMD. Do you have the right settings to put in pup-pack editor? Thx
  3. ebor

    Grease PuPPack

    @hawkeyez88, thank you for your work, as usual, but it's complicated to enjoy it without being able to get the table on VPinball ?
  4. You will make a lot of people happy ?
  5. I downloaded version 4.07 again and it's now ok. Thx?
  6. Hello, For information, impossible to activate my STL32 after updating to v4.07 firmware. OK with v4.05.
  7. Hello, I have a problem with this color rom. It only appears in orange on my pincab. ? I don't have any problem with other roms on the site. My pin2dmd is in v3.20, 'Use external DMD' is well checked and 'Color DMD' as well. I use the rom lah_112. vPinMame version is 3.3 rev5270 Same problem with Freezy 1.7.1 ou 1.8. When I take the VirtualPin archive on your Google Drive link (https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Rh5xZ9qzxnSPz8TGmgsCotiDrO1nKEFn), I end up with 3 pairs of pal/vni. One at the root of January 15 at 15:32 (pin2dmd.pal at 28707 bytes), one in the lah_VPIN_1.0 directory at the same date but not the same size (pin2dmd.pal at 23402 bytes) and finally a third one in the lah_VPIN_1.0.zip archive at December 1st (pin2dmd.pal at 23402 bytes). I tried all three, same result. Do you have an idea? Thanks EDIT I tried one time with renamed files in RealPin Archive and put again files that were in root of VirtualPin. OK now but i don't undestand why ?. Too much manipulations ? EDIT
  8. Hi, someone to help me ? Maybe another usb driver / dll to suggest ? Thx
  9. Hello, same issue after a fresh install of P-Roc et all actions shown before. Here, the end of the log.txt file : 2020-06-16 06:49:27,260 - vpcom - INFO - File "C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\usb\backend\libusb1.py", line 786, in open_device 2020-06-16 06:49:27,260 - vpcom - INFO - return _DeviceHandle(dev) 2020-06-16 06:49:27,260 - vpcom - INFO - File "C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\usb\backend\libusb1.py", line 643, in __init__ 2020-06-16 06:49:27,260 - vpcom - INFO - _check(_lib.libusb_open(self.devid, byref(self.handle))) 2020-06-16 06:49:27,260 - vpcom - INFO - File "C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\usb\backend\libusb1.py", line 593, in _check 2020-06-16 06:49:27,260 - vpcom - INFO - raise NotImplementedError(_strerror(ret)) 2020-06-16 06:49:27,260 - vpcom - INFO - NotImplementedError: Operation not supported or unimplemented on this platform
  10. Thx CarnyPriest for your answer, same issue for me after files overwrite ...? Outhere, each item seems to be ok. Firmware 3.05, log.txt in D;\ but updated each time CCC starts (i did the good declaration in register_vpcom.py) , same driver than yours. I think i'm gonna reinstall the whole python environment and start with something clean. Thx for your help.
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