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  1. I downloaded the new files to my pin2dmd and its definitely way better. Interestingly the Data East screen in this video shows as not colorized for part of it but was every other time I did the cycle it was colorized. The other few sections not being colorized are consistently not but the total not colorized is greatly reduced from before the update. I will play some and see how that goes.
  2. Ok, so I made a dump file of the attract screens from my real pin. This is with firmware CPU v3.20 and Display v3.00. X3r2A6 I am interested to see what you think of this dump file. Does it match your vpin dump? RAB_dump_v320 attract only realpin.gz
  3. Hello again, I purchased an EPROM burner and UV eraser and updated my physical game from 1.3 . to CPU v3.20 Display v3.00 which is what I understand the project was done for. I also reset the ram just to clear any strange settings. The game is now 100% factory default. Still have the same problems. I added a video of the attract mode after the update. I guess will try to workout how to make a dump file next.
  4. Thanks so much for the response. I did get the project to load by using the 32bit version and waiting longer, sorry I should have tried that first. Yes I downloaded my initial version from the download sections but I just re-downloaded it from this thread in the first post and made this video. Some colorization's work great, others, not at all and in a few cases it goes from being color to monochrome like you see with Dudley Do-Right. The video is of the entire attract sequence from power on .
  5. Thanks so much for you work on this colorization project! I am new to Pin2DMD, I got an EVO board, its running the latest activated firmware (v3.05) and have installed it in my physical Rocky game. During boot I can see my CPU ROM is version A1.30, not sure what display version is or how to check it. I have noticed a fair number of scenes where the colorization is either missing in some frames or none existent. I of course am not suggesting that this project is anything less than great, I am just trying to determine if my setup is an issue. For instance nearly all the attract images seem not to be colorized. Not sure if they should be or not. I attempted to download the project file and open it with pin2dmd editor to see what screens have color but it crashes while loading it. I am not sure if I need to upgrade my ROMs/adjust something or if the project is working as intended, does anyone have a know if this is expected behavior? If the project needs more work I am happy to offer a hand. Thank you!
  6. Thanks @lucky1 For Whitestar/SAM machines 1999 and newer you can use the 12v loop that goes to the right of the coin door. That loop uses a 3 pin Molex cable, pinball life sells a 2 way Y slitter or 8 way board which when paired with an extension cable would work great for that, its actually what ColorDMD does. But if you have a 1990-1998 Sega/Data East they dont have that loop. You would need to use a power tap + cable to get a ideal 12v connection. Maybe a simple cheap enhancement to the EVO board would just be to put a 3 pin Molex connector on it to accept the 12v. That way people who do not want to or are not comfortable with finding a 12v source can just use a power tap and pre-made cable or the Y slitter and cable on newer machines. I am fine with just punching down another set of wires onto the IDC connector but I will say in a 25+ year old machine those connectors can get really brittle from long exposure to heat in the backbox. I have had them break when just trying to re-terminate a bad connection and then your have to replace the connector which takes as much time as installing the display in the first place.
  7. Ya I figure you could just punch it down into the IDC connector, likely the best choice. Another idea would be take power off the last pin of the existing plasma displays (8) and ground it to 4. Pin 8, Vsp is the 60V DC anode supply that the Display Power Supply Board generates. There are lots of step down buck boards on ebay that will take down 30-100vDC to 5v or 12v they are only $4 or so like this or this. They are simple, inexpensive designs putting out regulated power. If the EVO board swapped the XL4015 DC-DC converter for a step down design the board could just directly connect to the existing Plasma DMD cable. Since the plasma DMDs all are made to the same specs across all the makers (Cherry, Babcock and Vishay) you would have a universal plug and play solution across all makes of plasma DMD games. Seems in the spirit of what the EVO board is trying to do.
  8. Another option and the most promising so far seem to be this tap from Pinball Life better shipping than ColorDMD and has a nice blade fuse in it. They also sell 3 pin Molex connectors so you could make a cable to run or just cut the ends of one of their mod extension cables. Any other suggestions would be really valued.
  9. Hello everyone, I am trying to workout how best to power a Pin2DMD Evo on a WhiteStar platform pinball. Clearly the best place to grab 12v is off the power/driver board at J16/19 as shown on the Pin2DMD site, its what a lot of modes use. Their are a few tap solution to pre-made that could work like Pinsounds for $25+S/H, MEZEL MODS for $14+S/H both of which are just a pair of female crimp and stuff connectors with 2 wires stuff into a single connector to split out a z connector on them and two wires stuff into the 12v lead. The best solution seems to be ColorDMDs board based tap which breaks out to a 3 pin Molex, lot cleaner and less likely to fail but $15 + crazy S/H seems like a stretch and you still need to build a cable to connect the Evo. What are people people doing? Are folks just punching an extra set of wires into the existing 15 position IDC connector? Using an external power supply? Any suggestion are really appropriated.
  10. Hello all, I am new and apologize if this is an ignorant question, I really have searched the forum. According to the Pin2DMD website to find a place to get into a bulk buy for an EVO board I should "Members of the community have organized a group buy for printed circuit boards and also offer different kits. Search for PIN2DMD on german flippermarkt forum or VPUniverse forum" but I seem unable to locate a thread for buying EVO boards. I have been able to find the germangamingsupplies.com store but its on the expensive side, especially for folks in the states. Are their any other options? Thank you so much for any help!
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