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    Another one of my favorites. This one and your Spider man tables play so well.
    Fun table to play and looks great too! One of my favorites
  1. This is one of my favorite pinball tables. Thanks for keeping it available.
  2. perfect, thanks! Looks intimidating, but maybe ill make a backup before trying ... updates like can be dangerous ?
  3. No. And I have read there are multiple versions (some buggier than others?). Is there an official guild to installing it? Once I do, then whats the next steps?
  4. I am on desktop. I have the latest 10.6 all-in-one installed, along with Pinmame 3.2. I have about 90 games loaded and working great; except for He-Man ... I gave up on that one =(
  5. Can someone point me to a tutorial on getting these color DMD's working on my setup? Thanks
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