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  1. totally brilliant table . so grateful. as reported earlier ... super work, well done everyone. not sure why the video jumps from my full dmd onto my backglass after 30 seconds of playing though? any ideas would be helkped, ive ran the bat file [no pun intended] again and it still does it.. Holy smokes that weird batfiends! I have the same issue. ?? resolve using pup Editor??? just curious as it starts Ok but then jumps to the back glass and in the wrong aspect ratio. any help appreciated .. something simple I'm sure and id rather not mess with such a great table unless i really need to....
  2. many thanks to all . save me looking ..does anyone have a reliable supplier for the tempered glass and what thickness?? best Chris
  3. where is my text ..... UGHHHH!!!
  4. I'm on the last few laps of my cabinet build . Should i use Plexiglass or plate glass to protect the playfield monitor? I can see advantages to both but am unsure if Plexi scuffs easily and what is the minimum thickness?? 42" playfield, 24" backglass, 10inch DMD /topper . the glass or plexi is to go in the Aluminium channel.
  5. me too .no pups despite running bat files? no backglass , dmd OK in screen 3. no videos.
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