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  1. Is it worth trying a bypass of the power supply section and supply the 5 volts directly? Maybe the power supply is ramping up slower than the CPU. I hate you are having this difficulty. I finished five boards this weekend and all worked great after I installed a USB driver that the windows 10/STM32 were happy with. A great relief to me. First board took three hours to program. Other boards took two minutes. I am using a radio shack 10 amp power supply at 13.5 volts. Using the blue 8-36 volt tap for input. Boards boot in about 1 second and reboot with reset just as fast. The one installed board in LW3 is booting as soon as I turn on the external power supply. I am still waiting on 90 degree molex connectors for Data East power tap.
  2. One of the guys in line for a board just sold his pin. So, I have one EVO 128 x 32 available for my cost. It’s assembled and tested but not activated. Skip the DFU issues and buy this one for a quick install. $ 164 plus shipping. I’m just recovering the outlay for my minimum 5 board build.
  3. The three interested parties are located. If all three pay up my boards will have been spoken for. Thanks guys. Last night I installed mine in Lethal Weapon 3 and it looks great. My wife is excited about trying it out today. Now to get Batman Forever colored, built, installed.
  4. I have gotten in my boards and LED panels for the EVO 128 x 32 Pin2Dmd's. I didn't realize the inbox on this site was so small! Three of you guys sent me private messages expressing interest in purchasing a board for my cost. Those messages have been deleted as my inbox was deleting the oldest messages automatically. Please message me again (I have cleared the inbox). I will share my actual email address and we can proceed from there. I got one of the boards working and activated last night. Today I am installing it in Lethal Weapon 3. So, it looks like I got a batch that are working fine. Thanks, Lane
  5. Malenko, I admire your work here. I'm coloring Batman Forever and have first hand realization of how incredibly difficult this is! We just purchased a LW3 real pin and I just built up my first Pin2Dmd. Today I am testing the Pin2Dmd device on my VPX setup before installing in real pin. I don't know if you are still updating LW3 but I noticed a few glitches that you may or may not be aware of. Either way your present work is great and thank you very much. . At the end of the game "insert coins" and "game over" are reverting to default pallet. I’m using Chad code mod. Minor issues with such a large project but I wasn't sure if you were aware of these burps. Edit; Removed first two glitches as the triggers were correct on real pin. Lane
  6. I guess I am a member of the "can't get this DIY project done in a DIY manner" club. Five boards - none going into DFU mode. I can see "STM32 Bootloader" as a device in device manager. I have a green light on the board. I press DFU button and while holding it I press and release "Reset". I can hear the windows chime and the device manager shows the device disappear and then reappear but I never see it in DFU mode. I downloaded ZADIG and updated USB drivers. I also tried the DFSu Cube application as well as the legacy loader. No luck. Tried all five boards. REflowed L1 L1 voltage 2.98 and 2.98 BAT60 3.28 and 2.98 TS 2940 4.78 and 3.28 C15 2.98 Is this 2.98 that I am getting in various places too low? I jumpered across BAT60 and got 3.2 on L1 and no difference noted in boot. The capacitors scattered around the CPU, most show 2.9 on one leg. I've tested voltage on three boards and they are all the same. All the boards seem to test voltages the same (of the two or three I have compared). I am using a 10 amp 13.8 volt power supply and inputing on the 8-36 volt DC terminals. I'm really upset about my progress on this project. I have so much time invested in the Batman Forever colorization and now the actual hardware. I wish I could make some progress here SOLVED!!! 12:01 EST. Time for a beer. If you can see your STM Device in Windows Device Manager but you can not get it into DFU mode then read the above post and install the new driver. Instantly I had the DFU mode working. Only it took me 12 hours to get there. I had installed new driver earlier but it was not acceptable. The above one was.
  7. Lots of toys and especially magnets. Can’t wait to play it!
  8. Hey guys, I have been coloring Batman Forever and just purchased a real pin version. My wife and I head to Florida tomorrow to pick it up. Does anyone have a leftover 192 x 64 board they would like to sell. I can have some made but really don't want to go through that for just one board as today I just got my five 128 x 32 boards in and have yet to distribute those to the guys that want the extras. If anyone else would like to place a group order for 192 x 64 let me know. I can't imagine playing this beautiful game with an orange DMD! Lane
  9. WooHoo! Boards made it from China today. It looks like one alignment hole and two screw holes are going to need enlarging slightly. They are about 1/16" misplaced. No problem adjusting with a Dremel tool. Is this a common adjustment or did I just wind up with a random panel or board misalignment on this run? This is going to be a fun addition to my Lethal Weapon 3 and now I can preview live with the editor on my desktop. Yipeeee! I hope software and activation goes great.
  10. I've been at this a while and I have no idea what you are experiencing with this statement. Try Freezy 1.9. It will help solve many of your DMD problems.
  11. When I first tried Pup Packs it was very frustrating. My videos would freeze and if I ran task manager I could see that the video program was opened multiple times. After revisiting the issue over several months I finally figured out it was a conflict with "administrator privileges'". Until a couple of years ago aspects of VPX were suggested to run in administrator mode. That is no longer the case and if you have enabled that mode it will have a conflict with Pup video playback. At least that was my issue. I went through and unchecked all the pinball plugins that had administrator privileges and everything is better now.
  12. That’s strange as I haven’t colored that scene. It’s running in its native mode. So must be in your end.
  13. I'm using PF Back Flashers, PF Back Strobes, PF Back PBX MX
  14. Today I received two shipments of LED panels. Like the previous poster two of the panels are missing CX4 and CX5. Picture shows left board with those components and right board does not have them. Hopefully this is not a material difference in the display. I am still waiting on the EVO boards. PCBWay has the proper 4 pin connectors on order. My DigiKey order for the same connectors and their female counterparts shows that the male connectors have a middle of October expected ship date. Evidently connectors are in high demand!
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