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  1. Centaur_(Bally)_(1981)_VP921_FS_v2.1 (JimmyFingers - Fuzzel)

    This is a complete rework of the old 1.2 version. A big thank you to JimmyFingers who did the majority of changes to this table.
    That was changed:
    - Implemented and tuned new BMPR routine which uses an updated formula for a better / smoother momentum curve, higher table friction settings (for better ball weight appearance), and new corresponding BMPR parameters
    - Implemented additional custom physics routines for dampening, positional slingshot strength, flipper tap code, and a new / experimental one for “X” cushioning / ball jumping for the ORBS targets as well as the soft targets behind them
    - Adjusted size of the ball accordingly to compensate for wide build dimensions
    - Added a variety of sounds and sound processing (speed based) routines
    - Created new alpha full sized fading GI plastics with transparent edges / sections
    - Created new individual alpha ramp fading GI bulb Halos for incandescent and LED based lights (for PF lighting but at height to affect interaction / lighting on the ball) and choice can be selected via script options
    - Created Chamber section GI Halos for independent control / coding
    - Created new bumper fading GI images for 3D meshes
    - Added back metal and back wall GI interaction / images
    - Created basic PF GI for when all GI lights / independent sections off or on
    - Updated GI scripting for above components and corrected sections to be authentic (Chamber and slings isolated from rest of GI)
    - Created and coded new individual lamp halos for added lighting effects on most table lamps / light inserts (can be disabled in script)
    - Added Bonus rollover lights reflections in back metal
    - Re-scripted / architected captured ball in chamber so now it is totally natural and does not jerkily land back into kicker position (removed original / extra coding and is now simply a ball trapped in that area that can be collided with as would be on a real table)
    - Fixed Orbs Release target magnet area, modified operation to be better timed with that of a real machine, and incorporated animations for the sub-PF ball launch / metal door (some tricks to make ball appear hidden / look like it comes up from beneath the table)
    - Added code for allowing simultaneous / two target hits on ORBS and Sequence drop targets
    - Modified images / added metal textures to all posts and gate housings (some were previously just solid colours / no images mapped)
    - Adjusted some images for lighting aspects
    - Adjusted behaviour of Outlane pegs for ball save / nudging based on some previous feedback by Mukuste
    - A complete new set of 3D meshes
    This version needs the latest official VP 9.2.1 or VP9.9.0.



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