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  1. rev207 is up (Release Candidate): - add looping file open dialog configurable in the editor preferences - add explanation/title to auto-file load dialog - fix looping file open dialog handling (can crash in rev202)
  2. rev202 is up (Release Candidate): - cleanups - remove invalid references (incl. the <None> entry from droplists) before saving, too - display a warning-image in the UI if no images loaded (i.e. loaded via -Play) AND 'loop' the loading/select-file dialog when enabled in the preferences (i.e. after having played a table this way and exited, then unload it and directly be able to select the next table) - when using save-as for table saving, go to the same folder and prefill dialog using the same name as the current table - change default scale for SSR to 0.5
  3. Correct since rev127 we moved from Sourceforge to Github and the revision number changed since then. Downloadable revisions aren't existing anymore afaik.
  4. rev192 is up (Release Candidate) - fix memory corruption in code editor - extend light sequence blinking patterns from size '32' to 'unlimited' (fix for Star Wars Bounty Hunter) - update LTD4a.vbs (by wiesshund)
  5. rev188 is up (Release Cadidate) - fix for flipper/kicker issue in some tables (e.g. Elvis, TAF) - add LTD4a.vbs (WIP by wiesshund)
  6. All beta/final builds can also be found here: https://github.com/vpinball/vpinball/releases
  7. rev185 is up (Release Candidate): - fine tune string/name handling - fix lights bulb checkbox behavior - fix deactivating primitive collidable checkbox if toy checkbox is checked - handle old tables with too long item names better (truncates name now) - fix crash on loading older tables with too long item names, and now its also prevented to create these - some minor UI fixes Note: We plan to release VP 10.7 in the near future as long as no groundbreaking issues come up in the next days. Any further updates/bugfixes will be address in a VP 10.7.x version later
  8. rev169 is up: - fix scaling of primitive property controls - some other UI scaling updates - fix applying property edit box changes when used pressed tab or clicks another element (hopefully) - low impact FPS-only stats display first press of 'F11' will now show a minimalistic FPS-only text, then pressing it the next time will continue with the already known detailed statistics/profiling displays (as the latter had too much impact on the FPS itself) also only show FPS for static-object-only & AO-only F11 views - add support for capturing any window conte
  9. Let's start distributing VPX beta 10.7 builds here since vpinball.com is gone now. I will always update this first post with the latest version. For a complete list of changes take a look at the changelog.txt file in the archive. However for simplicity, all support requests and bug reports are mainly answered over at VPF and sometimes here VPX_7_beta_rev207_rc.zip
  10. Version 2.1


    This is a complete rework of the old 1.2 version. A big thank you to JimmyFingers who did the majority of changes to this table. That was changed: - Implemented and tuned new BMPR routine which uses an updated formula for a better / smoother momentum curve, higher table friction settings (for better ball weight appearance), and new corresponding BMPR parameters - Implemented additional custom physics routines for dampening, positional slingshot strength, flipper tap code, and a new / experimental one for “X” cushioning / ball jumping for the ORBS targets as well as the soft targets behind t
  11. AMD X2, 8gb, ATI7770 the stutter is less frequent than on older versions of vpm but still there, but I haven't got the time to test the latest build
  12. I'm glad that there is another good forum about VPinball. It's always a good thing to have a second source for your drugs I haven't tested your last version yet, but afaik the newer pinmame versions with Sam support produces stutter on lotr where the official version didn't. I give it a try this evening.
  13. arngrim: just to say thank you for updating VPinMame Is it possible to fix the stutter sound on the newer Stern tables (e.g. Family Guy, Spiderman just to name a few) ?
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