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  1. rev310 is up (Release Candidate): - fix disappearing layers/elements in the layers dialog
  2. rev309 is up (Release Candidate): - remove sorting via drag&drop for now. This might be added in the future but it introduced to much hassle at the moment
  3. rev3088 is up (Release Candidate): - fix layer layout bug introduced in rev306
  4. rev306 is up (Release Candidate): - support to sort elements and complete layers by drag&drop. drag&drop only works if no filtering is applied. - add GetInPlayStateBool that maps 2=Blinking to the actual current state (0 or 1) - fix script error for GetBalls and small memory leak when throwing a ball in debug - correct light methods, thanks gtxjoe (commandReference.txt)
  5. rev297 is up (Release Candidate): - Script Editor: fix null pointer exception - fix null pointer crash - Script editor: Improve script error handling - Script editor: Clear the error log and error surpession state before running the script at the top level
  6. rev270 is up (Release Candidate): - fix copy/paste issue for properties and other dialogs - changed `SeqBlink` to accept a `TailLength` this fixes the sequencer getting stuck if value greater than 0 is sent. Any value higher than 0 will `Reverse`, where the lights will turn `off/on` instead of default `on/off`. - mouse cords display in converted units in separate status column, disabled by default with VP units (no conversion). - added lower case filtering to layers. added checkbox for users to toggle between case-sensitive filtering. - add GetInPlayState to the light element: if Light Sequencer is running, returns the current state set by the Light Sequencer - added tables to `File > New` menu. `strippedTable.vpx` and `lightSeqTable.vpx`, lightweight starter tables. - properly initialize new LS variable
  7. Afaik there is no way to fix this...but Toxie is the expert in this 3Dstereo thing. Maybe you should contact him about this...
  8. rev249 is up (Release Cadidate): - added `Primitive` type to `Light Sequencer` (dynamic and static) - fix bug with clicking an empty layer not selecting it internally - add flashers to light sequence - added flashers to light sequencer collection. - make debug dialog (and its text edit) resizable and remove the expand button - F2 starts renaming of layer items - when setting up the defaults for low- or high-end PCs in the video preferences via the respective buttons, ignore settings that do not influence performance like display, FS mode, etc - fix crash when importing older .vpp files in the physics import and import min & max slope, too, when importing a .vpp file directly in a table
  9. rev225 is up (Release Cadidate): - fix crashing when user hit ESC on buttons, sliders or edit controls - fix various issues with the video/display resolution selection (and deobfuscate all the code) - fix long search names in script editor - fix crash on exit - fix showing properties of the selected item when switching between tables - update to latest BASS 2.4.16 - fix sorting by memory usage in image manager - fix crash when clicking on layers directly on startup
  10. rev213 is up (Release Candidate): - retweak table save default filenames for Blueprint-images, .obj, .pov and .vpp: copy from table filename - change 1s plunger retract default value - bugfixes
  11. rev207 is up (Release Candidate): - add looping file open dialog configurable in the editor preferences - add explanation/title to auto-file load dialog - fix looping file open dialog handling (can crash in rev202)
  12. rev202 is up (Release Candidate): - cleanups - remove invalid references (incl. the <None> entry from droplists) before saving, too - display a warning-image in the UI if no images loaded (i.e. loaded via -Play) AND 'loop' the loading/select-file dialog when enabled in the preferences (i.e. after having played a table this way and exited, then unload it and directly be able to select the next table) - when using save-as for table saving, go to the same folder and prefill dialog using the same name as the current table - change default scale for SSR to 0.5 so that old tables that didn't explicitly set this up are not that much influenced
  13. Correct since rev127 we moved from Sourceforge to Github and the revision number changed since then. Downloadable revisions aren't existing anymore afaik.
  14. rev192 is up (Release Candidate) - fix memory corruption in code editor - extend light sequence blinking patterns from size '32' to 'unlimited' (fix for Star Wars Bounty Hunter) - update LTD4a.vbs (by wiesshund)
  15. rev188 is up (Release Cadidate) - fix for flipper/kicker issue in some tables (e.g. Elvis, TAF) - add LTD4a.vbs (WIP by wiesshund)
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