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  1. rev169 is up: - fix scaling of primitive property controls - some other UI scaling updates - fix applying property edit box changes when used pressed tab or clicks another element (hopefully) - low impact FPS-only stats display first press of 'F11' will now show a minimalistic FPS-only text, then pressing it the next time will continue with the already known detailed statistics/profiling displays (as the latter had too much impact on the FPS itself) also only show FPS for static-object-only & AO-only F11 views - add support for capturing any window conte
  2. Let's start distributing VPX beta 10.7 builds here since vpinball.com is gone now. I will always update this first post with the latest version. For a complete list of changes take a look at the changelog.txt file in the archive. However for simplicity, all support requests and bug reports are mainly answered over at VPF and sometimes here VPX_7_beta_rev169.zip
  3. Version 2.1


    This is a complete rework of the old 1.2 version. A big thank you to JimmyFingers who did the majority of changes to this table. That was changed: - Implemented and tuned new BMPR routine which uses an updated formula for a better / smoother momentum curve, higher table friction settings (for better ball weight appearance), and new corresponding BMPR parameters - Implemented additional custom physics routines for dampening, positional slingshot strength, flipper tap code, and a new / experimental one for “X” cushioning / ball jumping for the ORBS targets as well as the soft targets behind t
  4. AMD X2, 8gb, ATI7770 the stutter is less frequent than on older versions of vpm but still there, but I haven't got the time to test the latest build
  5. I'm glad that there is another good forum about VPinball. It's always a good thing to have a second source for your drugs I haven't tested your last version yet, but afaik the newer pinmame versions with Sam support produces stutter on lotr where the official version didn't. I give it a try this evening.
  6. arngrim: just to say thank you for updating VPinMame Is it possible to fix the stutter sound on the newer Stern tables (e.g. Family Guy, Spiderman just to name a few) ?
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