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  1. next update: Computers are strange. I rebooted my vpin and this "communication error" is gone. But once again with latest pin2dmd firmware and luckys dll, I get stuttering. DMD looks fine, but the sound stutters. With freezy no sound problems, but the color problem ???
  2. I do not use lucky dll, since some months, because I got sound problems (stuttering) with them. well I checked it, with the newest dll (4.2) and the newest firmware. The color problem is gone, ultradmd tables work (f.e. deadpool, dark princess), but now I get a new error when starting vpinmame tables (f. e. ACDC). "Communication error: Check cabeling and firmware version"
  3. Hi outhere, I must admit, thats a good question. I did not tested yet. I use freezy 1.9 and tested also 1.8 I now tested all the firmware 3.2 is the last that works.
  4. Hi, I got the same problem since updating to 4.1 firmware The lower half of the pin2dmd has a different color. This happens only with ultra or flexdmd tables. Normal vpinmame works look good. After going back to 3.15 everything is o. K. Any solutions? Greets
  5. Hi Kidloco, I got the same problem with the pin2dmd. If anybody got a reason, I would appreciate this. But anyway amazing work.
  6. Great PUP-Pack. Thanks
  7. Hi Pedro, these tables are awesome!!! Once again!!! But again im missing DOF-support. I could get some DOF with using cgamename of serioussam. Which table did you take as your source? Greats Adolar
  8. I did not ask you to change my situation. I am looking for the problem thats underlying. I dont think that it is a performance thing. I dont think that it is your doll. I think sonething in my Setting is wrong. I am looking for help to find this problem. In my case freezy and yours are not behaving similar. I really would prefer to use your dll, but I cant. Greets
  9. I tried to change the video preferences in vpx. Normaly I use the high end PC setting. Now I tried the LowEndPC Setting, but nothing changed. I get sound stutter with your dll. And that is a pity, because your graphics are betten than freezys
  10. But why is there no problem with freezys dll? any Idea to get a better performance? do I need new hardware?
  11. How can I start the game in setup? I know How to start the rom
  12. I tested a view roms now. With apollo13, I could test it. With vpinmame setup there is no stutter in startup music, but if I am running the game, there is stutter.
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