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  1. This was my version of what I thought the otherwise,dull,backglass of Fashion Show could've looked like(It was a project I haven't finished)"Coffee Shop Cuties"was a take on the Diners of the 50's-60's,just sexier!Ha ha
  2. That did the trick!Took a bit of patience,but it DID work!Thank you!
  3. The cursor doesn't appear when I scroll over it
  4. Does anyone know how to "click" the "yes"(left option)button ,when you try to log into much of these games?("Are you legally entitled to play?"box)
  5. That's great!Looking forward to the end results!
  6. Great job on those machines!Impressive!(I actually OWNED a Fashion Show!Flicker was one of my favorite Bally machines in the 70's!)If it's any inspiration(or of interest to anybody)I have a "Wish list" of pinball machines,that I haven't seen pop up in VPX form,yet.(All from the EM age) 1.Jumpin'Jacks-Williams-1963 2.Monaco-Segasa/Sonic-1977 3.Stop'N'Go-Williams-1964 4.Discotek-Bally-1965 5.Pat Hand-Williams-1975 6.Oh Boy-Williams-1964 7.Hollywood/Cinema-Chicago Coin-1976 8.Expressway-Bally-1971 9.Grand Slam-Gottlieb-1953 10.Hee Haw-Chicago Coin-1973 11.Friendship 7-Williams-1962 12.Round Up-Bally-1971 13.Surfers-Bally-1967 14.Seven Up-Williams-1969 15.Magic City/Magic Town-Williams-1967 16.Comics-Rally-1968 17.Darts-Williams-1960 18.Dealer's Choice-Williams-1974
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