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  1. Thanks, the 32bit version commandline works correctly. I mistakenly thought x86 and x64 were the same app just compiled for different architectures. Regarding the slider, I took a closer look.. Drag is working fine. Although it's sluggish compared to x86. No big deal, but figured you might find this interesting.. perhaps it's processing too many drag events and sending then all to the board? Clicking the scrollbar is failing. Presumably because the page down/up events haven't been registered. I'd send you a MR but couldn't find the source in the repo?
  2. I've just upgraded from 2.65 to 3.05 on my v3 shield and it works fine using the lucky dll (didnt try freezy). I did notice a few wrinkles though that may need ironing out.. Pin2dmd.exe no longer appears to supports command line args. Consequently I've had too keep an old v2 pin2dmd.exe around so i can invoke the reset via command line (i use this on pc startup). Adjusting the brightness slider is very slow for the display to reflect the change. It does eventually work, but often requires a few attempts. Didnt have this problem with v2. Keep up the awesome work!
  3. The hat mod file from the download link (Theatre of magic VPX NZ-TT-HATMAGIC-1.0.rar) at the top of this post doesn't work either. Not surprising though, as both the files in the download link appear to be identical (compared using windows fc.exe). Presumably a mistake when the files were uploaded. Also, I see the hat mod script from your github repo has a slightly different name.. Theatre of magic VPX HAT MOD NZ-TT 1.0.vbs. Presumably this is the working vpx file I need, but it's not available for download anymore?
  4. Hi When I start a new game I'm getting 1 ball in the plunger as expected, but then 2-3 seconds later a second ball appears. Same thing happens on the 2nd and 3rd balls too. I've tried a few things to fix it, but nothing has worked.. deleted nvram deleted registry key performed a factory reset Tried the 3 table versions I could find.. the 2 available here plus an earlier 1.0 version of the table Not sure it's relevant or not, but when the table first loads (i.e. before the first game) a ball appears from the middle of the table and enters the drain. Anyone else seen this issue? Or have any suggestions on how to fix it? Thanks.
  5. Great article. Nice explanation of the how and why of solenoid wiring.. Solenoid's parallel diode Solenoid's series resistor/capacitor (in parallel) pair. Possibly(?) not related to to solenoid burnout, but it might also be worth mentioning (with some CRO measurements to illustrate the point) the third solenoid wiring option using the "solenoid parallel capacitor" to avoid "USB disconnects".. http://mjrnet.org/pinscape/BuildGuideV2/BuildGuide.php?sid=troubleshooting#usbDisconnects
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