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  1. Thanks! Progress is slow , but I think it will be done before this Halloween!
  2. nice work ! hope we get to see more in the future😀
  3. Nice ! Not many people compose music for tables, even though I am sure we have plenty of musicians in this community. A good soundscape goes along way imo😉 looking forward to this release
  4. really like that fog effect! Also one of my FAVORITE games!! I still have hope that you will be doing a full "Silent hill " table some day with all the new toys and tricks???
  5. Little progress report from today, added "combo" shots, added a bit to the "headhunter" mode (still working on just how many heads one could collect in the time frame I plan to have ?) multiball still needs a little work, but for the most part is working like it should! A few more side modes to complete then I can focus on the "main" modes!
  6. well let hope I can fit it in! the mode its self wouldnt be hard to do, its the creating of all the fight scenes that seems like to much work....but jury is still out on this idea.
  7. So I thought I would give run down of things, rules and things being worked on. rules so far , well not many yet, but here goes: STUFF THATS WORKING OR MOSTLY WORKING! "SKILLSHOT"(WIP) been working on this today, from the shooter lane there are 3 targets that light, hitting the lit target awards the skill shot. for each skillshot made the award increases. there is also a "secret skillshot"..... "SECRET TARGETS"(WIP) light all targets (in any order) to light the kicker. current plan is to start 1 0f 6 hurry up shots. "HEADHUNTER" to start head h
  8. most concepts in the script are done already, score, multiball and pup calls. It took me awhile of trial and error , but I keep going until it works or need to ask for help! most things have been done before in other original tables, so I look at how its done in a working table to get a clue sometimes also. I have nfozzy physics set up in this table as well as the fleep sounds, No idea how half of that stuff works! the scripting is FAR beyond what I know how to do. But, you can get it to work if you follow the instructions (thankyou Rothbauer) . Also I keep a note book of all the things I get
  9. you could use a second kicker to create the ball and kick out after kicker001 releases.
  10. Looks really amazing! glad to see you here as well!
  11. Thank you very much! I am trying to keep the theme as "creepy" as I can 😜
  12. Thank you, yes its a bit dark in the back. Trying to keep the lighting low and break up all the red, but the day night slider should help if its to dark. As far as it being over your head, let me say its probably not lol! Ive been working on this table for over 6 months, before I started I did 2 "reskin" tables (misfits and skate and destroy) I used those to learn gimp and the editor in vpx. then I started to look at orbital, scottywic has a lot of good information in his yt channel. I have ZERO prior experience with any vbscript, or computers in general! The fact that I have gotten thi
  13. Been working on this off and on for some time now. Id say its getting closer to being "ready" , but who knows? This is my first original table, and im learning as I go 😜! I will attempt to keep updating this if someone is interested, or has questions. This is a "pup pack" table built with the Orbital Framework in case you are interested in starting a build and need a place to start😀 Id like to thank VPU for this platform (looks like I just found a new home!) Im not new here, but I am new to uploading content here. so currently I still need to finish the script for modes and
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