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  1. yes this is good. It seems that pinmame version >dec 2020 is required. It doesn't work with the pinmame32.exe from sourceforge which is version 3.3 (july 29th,2020) It works flawlessly with version 3.3b from Toxie (https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=11571) Thanks for the good work! BR MK
  2. Checked with RoadKings and did not work as expected, either. Tried with latest pinmame v3.2 minimal install from sourceforge. Result: altsound-rdkng_l4: ID,CHANNEL,DUCK,GAIN,LOOP,STOP,NAME,FNAME 0x0020,,80,50,0,0,0x0020-rdkng_l4,0x0020-rdkng_l4.wav 0x0101,,80,50,0,0,0x0101-rdkng_l4,0x0101-rdkng_l4.wav both wavs 1-2kb size. My workflow: - start pinmame - select roadkings and start - press F4 for sound command mode - press del - enter 0000000008 (sound fx command 0x0008, duration ca. 2sec) pressed space -pressed F6 Did I do some
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