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  1. on my system the ball(s) move weightlessly around, cant hit with the plunger and the upper left ball floats like a soap bubble- very strange and with this table only...
  2. quick and dirty flipper dof: copy&paste from line 1183 Sub SolLFlipper(Enabled) If Enabled Then LF.Fire 'leftflipper.rotatetoend leftlight DOF 101,1 If leftflipper.currentangle < leftflipper.endangle + ReflipAngle Then RandomSoundReflipUpLeft LeftFlipper Else SoundFlipperUpAttackLeft LeftFlipper RandomSoundFlipperUpLeft LeftFlipper End If Else LeftFlipper.RotateToStart If LeftFlipper.currentangle < LeftFlipper.startAngle - 5 Then RandomSoundFlipperDownLeft LeftFlipper End If FlipperLeftHitParm = FlipperUpSoundLevel DOF 101,0 End If End Sub Sub SolRFlipper(Enabled) If Enabled Then RF.Fire 'rightflipper.rotatetoend rightlight DOF 102,1 If rightflipper.currentangle > rightflipper.endangle - ReflipAngle Then RandomSoundReflipUpRight RightFlipper Else SoundFlipperUpAttackRight RightFlipper RandomSoundFlipperUpRight RightFlipper End If Else RightFlipper.RotateToStart If RightFlipper.currentangle > RightFlipper.startAngle + 5 Then RandomSoundFlipperDownRight RightFlipper End If FlipperRightHitParm = FlipperUpSoundLevel DOF 102,0 End If End Sub
  3. I did, still no dof but plunger only. there are no dof commands for the flippers/slingshots in the script as far as i have seen. But you are right, the left slingshot is dead. I guess I was overwhelmed from the nice puppack working without issues ;-).
  4. Ill check again tonight, slingshots worked but no dof at all, if i remember right.
  5. great one! worked on my system without any issues (which is quite seldom 😉) out of the box. Thank you for sharing your passion - looks and plays really cool!
  6. looks so nice - but - my flippers go in slow motion only (as well as the ball upper left) and plunger wont hit the ball ? LOL anyone else?
  7. this beast beats reality...thank you!
  8. Looks like a lot of fun (and work already done)! I'd give it a roll but unfortunately dont have much time for real testing atm.
  9. everytime the vpinworkshop showes up with a new work I am excited as I was 6 yrs old at christmas eve 😉 - many thanks for sharing your passion, you always nail it!!!
  10. Candy for the eyes!!! This is V0.7??? Cant imagine 1.0... Thanks so much for sharing to all involved!
  11. Looks very promising! - go get some time quickly :-), I love to try new originals...
  12. interesting observation: raising the slope can lead to a trapped ball inside "skedaddle" - maybe a matter of a timer raising/lowering the targets or such?
  13. Any plans to invite Arngrim for creating a DOF-config? On my cab it still plays so silently without any contactors or coils firing. No one else? Together with a little more slope this would make a perfect table for my taste- and there are not much of this level out in the wild...congrats again and thanks for trying finding out the numerous issues of so many individual setups!
  14. looks & plays great!!! why should someone hate this??? Thanks for sharing your hard work, I will enjoy this nice table for many hours!
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