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  1. Nice! Looks and plays awfully real (if only the real thing was easier 😉
  2. WOW, did not know lizards can look and play so beautiful! Thank you!
  3. I see there are DOF commands, but my solenoids wont fire, and there is no such file in arngrims table list. Can someone help or just wait?
  4. Nice! Looks likeI have to expand my list of favourites ;-)! Thank you all for sharing!
  5. thanks a lot - I always wondered why Joker stays in the dark - the spotlight is spot on ? - superb, I love it, thx for sharing! (not to mention the easy to follow instructions, so even a noob as me succeeds!
  6. OK , why not, this seems to be a solution as well ?,thx! I rarely use pinuppopper, therefore I tried to do a puppack with topper only. But this table seems to consists of one layer only and I could not find a trigger...so many new things to get used to...double trouble If you bought a used cab without knowing anything (and the former owner maybe as well ? , thx 4 u help!
  7. what trigger do you use? Im new to pupacks and a little bit lost...
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