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  1. Thank you for the work I on this I really enjoy my pin2dmd
  2. The newest Freezy's did solve the load time on the troublesome altcolor tables, but the newest freezys breaks the DMD for the ghostly unmentioned table. Only 1.7.1 seems to work with that, so it seems like slow load time and every table I have working or fast load time and a table that nolonger has a working DMD. Thoughts or ideas on this? Does Lucky's file break pup playback as mentioned in the pup wiki?
  3. Hi everyone, I have an issue when using altcolor files that some tables take 10 ~ 20 seconds or so to start pinmame. I am using freezy 1.8. In searching it looked like this may have been addressed, but where can I find 1.8.1 or 1.8r122 ? It seems like I can find the source but nothing compiled. Is it true that if I use Lucky's dmddevice.dll it will break pup videos(I read Lucky's would fix the delay)? I got that idea from nailbusters wiki "also, if you are NOT using freezy dmddevice.dll, like perhaps you are using luckys' pin2dmd dmddevice.dll then you will not be able to use any
  4. SO glad I found this thread, after 5 hours of frustration. Is this info somewhere in a FAQ that I completely missed.
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