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  1. Version Puped 1.2.0


    [IMVT PUPED] VPX file version of Iron Maiden Virtual Time needed to run the Pup Pack PUP Edition v1.2.0 ⚠️ ONLY RUN WITH the PupPack from pedroperes02 ⚠️ 🔗 Link to downlaod the Pup Pack :
  2. Sorry , no way to make it work in Pin2DMD
  3. Music is not coming from the ROM , so you don't have to enter in the adjustments. Something is muting the Mp3 sound
  4. Choose Dream 7 leds in the B2S settings
  5. I think you have to set DMDext press F1 during game, it open a window and check "Use external DMD (dll)"
  6. Also , dont forget setting DMDEXT or all the triggers wont work [ press F1 during game, it open a window and try to Use external DMD (dll) ]
  7. Thanks for you message Thank you Brandon ! ☺️
  8. Thanks Fire78, Please verify if you placed well the Mp3 files , check if the UltraDMD (or FlexDMD) work well and look into the script to choose the one you use. Also be sure having the Rom lwar_a83
  9. For the Pup DMD you may have a setting problem with the pinup player screens. Abouts sounds, it's also strange , I don't think other users have issues. 🤷‍♂️ sorry
  10. Do you have the Rom lwar_a83 ? Do you have UltraDMD or FlexDMD working well ? Are the mp3 placed directly in the good directory ?
  11. Here the revelation of all the Easter Eggs Codes - 2 codes just for fun Break > RRLLRRLLRL (repaire LRLRLR) Spin > RRRLRRRL - 2 codes begins Directly in Modes Fear of the Dark > RLRRLRLL Eddie Madness > RLRRLRLLRLRRLRLL Most of codes are durm beats rudiment , like Paradiddle Note : Only avaible when you are in Attract Mode (and DURING THE MUSIC)
  12. (Nothing new if you had already the table... )
  13. No Up-date, just the table as Vpinball disappeared !
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