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  1. @jino0372 I purchased an Ender 3 V2 back in October. As a beginner, I didn't want to spend a lot of money on my first 3D printer. I ended up putting another $100 into with upgrades. There was a learning curve, but I was able to design and print a part for my cabinet. I can print consistently well using PLA. The model for you really depends on your budget and the type of material you want to print.
  2. That's an awesome cabinet. It's nice to have a cabinet that looks nice on the outside, but a clean cable management on the inside is important too. You nailed both. @Thalamus I went with arcade buttons at first, but the forums quickly convinced me to go with leaf switches for the flippers. You're right, there is a huge difference in feel between microswitch and leaf switch. I currently have single leaf switches. Is there a difference in feel going from single to double leaf?
  3. I never thought the Likes/Upvotes were important until a table author mentioned it on VPB a while back. Other creators agreed too. Since then, I always click Like on whatever I download. It only takes a second to click the Like/Upvote button, so we should all do it.
  4. @ARMYAVIATION Since you called me out in public, I guess I have to respond. I PMed you once in a response to your post to keep it from going off topic here. I said my peace and was very civil about it. A single response is okay, but multiple responses is weird man. You can stop PMing me now. There's someone like you on every forum. That's why people like me don't post. Deathinclan pointed it out earlier, but you probably missed it, so here it is again. The beginning of Randr's message was, "I feel this HOBBY has gone to a lot of peoples heads in a bad way! Its actually ver
  5. @Thalamus It's not bullshit. I thought this was was a nice friendly open community and most people liked that. I didn't realize that some people wanted to close the doors. Not everyone has the skills to code or has the artistic ability to design tables, wheel, or backglasses. So are you saying that if someone can't contribute to those things, then those people shouldn't be part of the community? I'm not trying to be an asshole or derail this thread, I'm genuinely curious about your opinion on that.
  6. @ARMYAVIATION I don't think the invite only solution you proposed will fix the issue. I have only been in the hobby for two years, but I have seen many table authors come and go. The advantage of having an open community is that you're able to attract others to the hobby and maybe one of those people will become content creators like yourself. Even if all of the virtual pinball sites moved to the invite system, members would eventually share content outside of the sites. You would also see people selling invites. Kodi has a similar issue. People sell hardware with Kodi software preinsta
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