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  1. @Pinballfan2018Are you using the Flash FX Elements pack for your wheels? Looks like it but there's some I don't recognize (like the blood on your Dracula wheel). If not where are you getting your graphics? Use these for my job all the time and it looks like you have some cool ones
  2. You guys rock, thanks for finally giving this one the proper treatment!
  3. @watacaractrI wasn't talking about you lol though I appreciate the link
  4. Dude I cant beleive I got Joost right! Thanks btw, I see there's an @VPjachim here... So how bout it, are you one in the same?
  5. Does anyone know of the guy who was making the BTILC table and pup is here? I think his name was something like Joost... He had a cool thread going at vpinball, I don't know if he abondoned the project but it was a cool one and something I was definitely keeping tabs on. If youre here (Joost?) please tell me this one is still on the back burner!
  6. The movie has been on my list to watch since you started the thread on vpinball, really going to have to get around to it now with this being close to complete. Never met a Coen brothers movie a didn't like...
  7. That's really something, thanks for sharing the process!
  8. @scottacus Can I ask what you did for restoring the cabinet art? Did you re-stencil everything or just touch up? The end results look great!
  9. When I coin up and start, the score motor and 100,000 relay spins constantly and no game starts. If I manually trip the reset relay I can get a game to start. As such I'm in the process of removing the broken jamma connectors and soldering 5 - 25 connections per board x 16 scoring reels... So I've got some work cut out for me. Also scanned some plastics, but the flatbed scanner is giving me some fuzzy results. Maybe becuase refraction through the plastic shifts things as the scanner arm moves? Might just scan to get right dimensions and photograph later for detail.
  10. Plastics are being scanned and as soon as I clean the playfield I'm grabbing some nice high res pics to stitch! It's definitely a project that's going to take some time but I'm enjoying it. There's 16 scoring reels each with a crappy broken edge connector with anywhere from 5 to 20 wires per connector, every single one will have to be soldered right to the board so already a bit more work than I anticipated. That being said I'm having a blast with it... Sorry for hijacking the thread, resume
  11. Gotta say I really have a thing for data east tables, laser war, hook, star wars, and of course, me and my wife's tipsy pinball tournament go to... Jurassic park. I'm probably a little biased because it's my favorite movie and what really got me in 3d as a profession, but I just love how that game plays. Super fast, lots of missions that can be stacked, killer multiballs, one of the gnarliest playfield toys, and great audio drops from the movie with the classic theme music. Going to have to get a real one, one day
  12. @Badazzwi Literally got the machine home in about 15 mins, hand trucked it around the house into the basement, got the legs on and plugged in before the wife even saw it
  13. @BrandonLaw btw your buddy Ron is helping me diagnose some problems a bit, he keeps calling me Mark instead of Matt but that's alright, he seems like a cool guy and I'm glad for the help lol
  14. Have never been a huge fan of EMs, but seeing how these things work... If you cant appreciate the albsolute maelstrom of mechanical insanity that makes these things run, find another hobby
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