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  1. Magnify tool close to an error light so that you can easily grab the control points at each corner of the light. It will be easier if you have layers 9&10 de-selected so as not to hinder your fix. I noticed that each error light needed the top control point exchanged with the bottom left corner control point. Just switch them by dragging. To ensure you replace each corner correctly it might be beneficial to have the playfield viewable on the background as allowed by the editor from the view tab. Hope this helps someone as it fixed all of those load errors for me.
  2. This update puts the table close to everything you need to make your own Alien. Running dual video's on the playfield is awesome. In testing my ball gets stuck up at the top behind the head but otherwise it offers a lot to shoot at & runs fast. The left out lane is great. It's hard to find a good set of rules.
  3. I cannot figure out the code to get the sound to "spin" on a spinner. I can get the sound to play just once. I've seen tutorials but the pulse command gives me wrong version error. Is the trick to tie it to a timer? Any help in right direction appreciated.
  4. Insert mesh & be sure to load the image from the obj into your image manager. Load the spitfire image for the primitive of the plane. This info to help anyone unsure how to load it on to your table. I went with... Position & Translation Right now I am using size 25. Initially my plane was invisible upon loading( too low), now I have the Z base position at 185. YMMV. Rotation & Translation 090 RotX 330 RotY 320 RotZ (little tilt) Anyone have some transparency showing through? I have a little on the wing. Thanks fastdraw for mode
  5. I have FS cab and so the score laying sideways is an annoyance. I've tried to follow some tutorials to get UltraDMD to work but trying to follow examples or learn from another original table has yielded no success. It appears there was an example table from the UltraDMD website but I think it's not there anymore. Anyone have a basic & clear example I could learn from or perhaps a link? It's kind of interesting to make your own rules.
  6. The bmp made the model look smaller to me so I went to size 40. Looks great! Thanks for fast fix!
  7. Hey thx fastdraw! When importing it says mat files for VP and not mtl's. Is there a step I do not know or do I need to convert the material file? Do you recommend a size for the model? I went with 35, unchecked collidable & seems fine outside of not having it textured. Cool model you created! Thanks again.
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