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  1. Thank you to the VPinWorkshop team and of course the original authors for this release. Such a fun table.
  2. Click the link in dazz post. It will allow you to join the group.
  3. Thank you for bringing this table here. One of the tables I was sad I never got from vpinball.
  4. Using windows 10 shows 3 screens for me.
  5. Yep. Pure joy turns to anger in a matter of seconds when the balls are sailing down the chute as quick as they are coming off the auto plunger.
  6. I started to do a driving setup for my standup mame cab but gave up on it. Got to be too much much of a pain in the ass getting the controls setup right for different games. Good info at ArcadeControls forum. My buddy has one but he just runs an xbox one with a g920.
  7. I have always wanted to get into model railroad. I find myself browsing them from time to time. I have a small house and limited space for hobbies. I'm trying to push my kids out of the house but they just wont leave. I have a large collection of 1/43 slot cars packed away that I'm itching to toy with.
  8. I signed up for patreon quite some time ago but I never use it. I have no problem giving money to a site that supports the community such as this one. Many of us pay monthly fees to various services for content we enjoy. I like the idea of having different tiers with different permissions. Maybe give the authors the ability to allow which groups can access their content if possible. Giving back to the authors a certain percentage if they wish. I also see no problem with putting more limits on members that don't want to pay to support the site. 35 downloads
  9. I commented out line 136 and it works now. Still bothers me as to what is actually causing the errors. Guess I shouldn't mess with stuff I don't know much about when I'm drinking.
  10. Don't let it bother you. Stop focusing on the negative. Focus on the things you enjoy. You must enjoy this hobby otherwise you wouldn't have craeted and shared so many nice tables with us.
  11. I don't know wtf I did but I was messing around with the luts in the script and now I'm getting errors I cant get rid of. Downloaded a fresh copy but it's still throwing these errors. Sorry for the shitty pics.
  12. @bord I will likely take you up on that offer. That way I cant make excuses not to go. I can show people that I truly am the world's okayest pinball player.
  13. There is a pinball spot not far from where I live called District 82 (formerly Titletown Pinball) that has leagues, casual tournaments, serious tournaments and open pinball on Fridays. I keep telling myself I'm going to try my hand in a tournament but I never do. I'm not very good at pinball but I sure love to play.
  14. I always thought noon was a good rule of thumb. That is unless it's a special occasion.
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