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  1. Solved - Dug into the release notes for popper 1.4.6 and there's a script under the operator menu that does this without resorting to multiple emulators/playlists. Works great and we can now edit tables from inside of popper! Thanks Nailbuster!!! I recently noticed that there's a 10.7 Beta cli command called -povedit that can be added to tables at launch. From the CLI you can now launch a table into POV mode, adjust your settings, and exit...which is awesome. When launched this way you can hit the start button to save your settings to a new POV file OR hit q just to discard changes. So I created a new emulator, copied the settings from visual pinball x, changed -play to -povedit, built new playlists with the modified startup script and so far so good. The issue is that I can now launch the table into povedit mode and modify settings. If I discard my changes and hit q then it's all good, I go back to pinup popper as normal. If I hit the start button to save and exit then I go back to the windows desktop, but popper is still running minimized. I have to kill popper and restart. Anyone else messing with this feature? Being able to edit tables from within popper would be huge. Thanks!!!
    Great job on this...the BW artwork looks great and fits the theme well.
    Awesome table...thought the previous versions looked a bit dated, but the B&W version looks and plays great!
    Awesome, my Virtual Pin is built in an old Pinball Pool cabinet so glad to have an updated version of this!
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