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  1. Great update. Played the original many years ago in a bowling alley. It was the first VPinball table that I got to actually work and have been hooked ever since..Thank you.
  2. What a GREAT table! Artwork is fantastic..An original table with a vision..Just the right amount of cool and kitsch..Gonna shake up a martini and play for a few...
    WOWZERS!! This table is a piece of art that you can play.So much attention to detail...Fantastic job!😀 Thank you.
  3. Followed your guide and finally got Future Pinball sized correctly for my cabinet (two tv.s) so thank you.Was getting a bit overwhelmed on how to get DOF,SSF to run with it(runs great in VPX) and was probobaly going to put it aside when I downloaded the HALLOWEEN table and Poof! LED's,shakers,strobes al lit up and worked.However no rolling or flipper audio.JAWS same thing. Thank you for what you do.
    One of my (and the wife's) favorite tables made even better. Thank you.
    Great table. Plays fantastic! Pure Americana😀
  4. Plays great! Already logged in much more time than on the previous.?
  5. THANK YOU to everyone who responded! Had gone back to work bummed. Came back,saw replies and IT WORKED! Of course I was clicking boxes after I had got a little more confident trying to push my little $64 4gb RAM Dell Vostro ( Gigabyte750 ti) and wound up where I was. If you guys hadn't responded, I was going to save the tables and start from scratch after what feels like 100 hours just to hit that wall. I'm not a computer person and have done nothing on any table that needed work in the scripts. I was just happy to have my little machine( literally two flat screens and a cardboard box with Happ buttons and a Zero Delay) Will be upgrading soon. Outhere ,..I can't thank you enough for the reply! I don't feel like such a "lurker" anymore?
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