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  1. A proper MOD with proper description, looks and plays significantly better than the original it was based on, great fun and great job @Goldchicco
  2. Agree with JR, where is the jaw drop emoji when you need one..
  3. @stargate66 did you try the updated v1.0.a ?
  4. @Thalamusyou won't be disappointed, this one is definitely "finished". Fully baked and deserving a Michelin star! Many thanks Shannon, Bord and LM!
    Jaw dropping gorgeous and plays really, really well! This is the best kind of surprise, amazing job guys!
    SPECTACULAR! One of the most realistic recreations in virtual pinball, period. The updated physics and droptargets are nothing short of phenomenal. Congrats to the visionary master @bord and physics wizard @rothbauerw
    WOW, gorgeous out of box, no adjustments needed 😏.
    Now this is one beautiful ugly backglass, thanks wildman!
  5. @iaakki @Sixtoe really enjoying the latest tweaks, the physics are fantastic and visuals extremely well polished. Many thanks for the countless hours you invested perfecting this game. One issue though, it seems the latest v2.0.3 we lost DOF feedback on the droptargets, also neither bank resets after being cleared.
  6. Looks like a great father-son adventure, thanks for sharing. Your kid is adorable and great to see he likes playing pinball at such a young age. I introduced my son to real pinball when he was about that age, he liked it so much we ended up building a vpin together as a father-son project..
  7. I used to despise this table, it always looked chaotic to me, like a hodge-podge of misaligned obstacles; never could get any flow on it. This version is a complete turnaround, not just aesthetically but especially in the physics department. You guys did a masterful job incorporating the nFozzy/Roth physics set, which just shows that next to VPX itself the nFozzy physics code with further refinement by the brilliant @rothbauerw might just be the most important development in visual pinball simulation to date. To the VPW dream team, many thanks for the insanely great work you guys do for our co
    Hands down the best version of BSD in VPX.
  8. Dead Flip is actually a pretty big deal in the modern pinball world, met him a couple times at the Chicago Expo promoting new Stern machines. From what I saw he's pretty well respected by Gary Stern and even celebrated designers like Steve Ritchie, it's nice to know he also dabbles in virtual pinball.
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