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  1. Weird, 2.0a worked fine for me. Thanks for the update @Goldchicco
  2. This one from Wildman is a beaut: https://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2695-tron-legacy-le-stern-2011/ You'll also need to modify the script by inserting PuPHide = 1. If you haven't done this before here is how (use Option# 1): https://www.nailbuster.com/wikipinup/doku.php?id=pinup_optional
  3. Simplest way to increase performance on this table: stop using the PUP pack and use regular backglass for the most authentic experience and best performance. You can always use the PUP pack with another version of TRON. Also make sure you use VSYNC in video preferences and run it in fullscreen mode.
  4. Thanks VPW for simplifying my front end! I had too many versions of Tron, this one takes the cake.
  5. @freebird1963 sorry to have waisted your time.. While you're at it why not ask for a refund? You're obviously new around here but might want to check the crappy attitude at the door. Next time check the file path posted at the top of the download page, it will answer your questions before you waste any more time: "Home > Downloads > Backglass Downloads > B2S - For Players > B2S Backglasses > KISS (Bally 1979)"
  6. Wow, I know it's early but this looks amazing already! Great table choice @Schlabber34! BTW, do you keep in touch with Herweh? He hasn't been around much lately.
  7. @hauntfreaks the 2-screen backglass does not show the scoring section at the bottom, it would appear the grill height was set "Abby Normal", lol. I fixed for myself but you may want to update it. I love this release, awesome job man!
  8. What an awesome theme, one of the best movies of all time! The artwork looks amazing!
  9. @dsa the guy selling Thunderclaps (MaMikee) used to be active over at VPF, you can message him there https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showuser=120372
  10. Wow guys, gorgeous update! Many thanks @Thalamus and @Goldchicco for the collaboration and taking this table to the next level! It was plenty good before, now it is GREAT! P.S. @JFR1 is going to poop his pants.
  11. @teisen @JFR1 if you'd like to have your cab view match the VPW screenshot you'll need to first scale the side panels using the included "Cabinet Mode" option at the top of the script: Const CabinetMode = 1 '0 - Off, 1 - Hides rails & scales side panels Next you'll also need to adjust the following three POV settings in the editor: X Scale = 0.895 X Offset = 33 Z Offset = -500 Leave the remaining POV settings as they were originally preset by VPW. Save, play and enjoy!
  12. Thanks for the awesome update @bord, so satisfying to be able to sweep multiple drop targets in one shot!
  13. It makes it more difficult for bots and scammers to pull off their shenanigans. And it adds value to those of us who contribute to this hobby. Support this community, subscribe and you won't have to suffer any wait times or limits.
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