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  1. got the problem with lucky1`s help fixed , The main point was to down and upgrade the winusb drivers with his tool. The 3 files above ar the right ones .
  2. tried it , its now working , i see the ultra DMD as a virtual display but my pin2dmd is empty ( Americas Most Haunted , Masters of the universe )
  3. thank you fir the answer i am running 2.2 Firmware , maybe this could be a reason ? p.s i have an XDMD and an DMDext folder directly made from the installation tool from the 10.5 All in one setup
  4. Hello friends i was reading a lot , but all i read is from 2017 / early 2018 i dont know if this is good now. what i did Test table Americas Most haunted. Reinstalled VPX clicked on pin2dmd installed ultradmd took the files XDMDNative.dll and XDMD.dll copied this files in the following directories : VPX XDMD UltraDMD both of the are on C:\ i dont get this to work and i am at the point that i dont know why. Would appreciate any kind of help Regards
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