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  1. Wow Great job. Excellent original theme. Love the sounds, graphics and integration.
  2. This is one of my favorite games and this looks great. Well done again guys.
  3. Looks great Bord. It is an odd table for sure.
  4. The X Force looks interesting.
  5. Hey guys Just wanted to say Hey!!! Its nice to have a home again, Thanks @Dazz. Although I have been away for a good 7 months working on a complete remodel of our home, and the VP Cab has been stored away in the garage, Im excited things are on the final stages of completion at home, and for this site and moving things forward.
  6. Excellent. Thanks. Learn something new every day.
  7. Hey Wildman, great BG I run 3 screen but cant seem to get the word Bally off my dmd. Regular dmd starts but then gets covered up. Any suggestions on removing this. Thanks
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