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  1. I have this table and all files needed to run it including the color DMD. I can run the table correctly and the regular DMD is working but the backglass file is not showing which would allow me to change the DMD to full color and enable the color DMD. I guess my question is, what would cause a backglass file not to display beside the obvious of an incorrect file name not matching the table name or anything like that. I have done that basic troubleshooting.
  2. I have a new install using the BallerInstaller and I have been able to setup 2 of my 3 tables using PupPacks. I am currently winning with F14 and Attack From Mars with working packs but when I download and install the packs for The Getaway I cannot seem to get the Pup Pack to work. When I have the backglass file with the table it does work and looking at the options the plugin is enabled and running. I have double/triple checked the ROM name folder for the Pup Pack as well is correct. Other tables not running Pup Packs are also still working just not the third one I've tried. I have read the install/setup/configure instructions from NailBuster and it appears to be correct, and I have other tables running correctly. I see others have gotten this pack running so it must be something I'm missing. If I missed anything please ask and I will let you know. My setup: 3 screens with topper and DMD on one screen, dedicated screens for backglass and table. i5 3.2GHz with 16GB RAM 120GB OS SSD 1TB Table SSD 1080Ti 800W Gold + PS
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