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  1. I just tried out a really (poor mans dof) SSF for the hell of it using vpx's built in audio separation using my existing 2.1 setup for BG sounds and my monitors built in speakers for table sounds in addition to my Full DOF setup. I don't know why i waited so long.
  2. @dsa, I purchased my set of 10 thunderclaps off the original vendor on ebay back last year 2020-2019. I do know that doghouse arcades now distributes the thunderclaps officially. His website and Fb page. https://doghousearcades.com/. Hope this helps
  3. Is it as simple as saving Images at a lower resolution ? would like to know this as well
  4. So Happy to see this! Keep up the great work. Much Thanks !
  5. I forgot to give thanks to you all for this. Been enjoying this mod for a couple of months now. I have always loved this game. Thalamus (original) mod had been my go-to. Thanks to you all who have contributed to this.
  6. Bord, What more can I say ? Your never cease to amaze me Loved it back on The original release. I didn't think you could make this better. I really like the new flip prims Thanks man
  7. Man, you really keep pumping out Great work much appreciated
  8. Thanks for giving this an update Goldchicco and Apophis
  9. Thank you for this nice complement to a Grade A build .
  10. Me- Right in the middle of pinball and arcades resurgence and heydays 84. ( Stern electronics , Gottlieb/ Premier, and my personal favorite Bally/Midway, And Williams The sound and experience of those days to me were magical being a kid in the 90s. Dimly lit arcades, smoke filled bowling alleys. Much of these pins I might never see if not for you. Glad to be able to relive those days thanks to all you on these forums .
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