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  1. Nope, tested on my cab which is not so high cpu and gtx 1080 and also on my desktop which is ryzen7 with RTX 2070 Super and it's the same unfortunatelly.
  2. There is a bug with SSF : when playing multiball, when one of the balls drain the looped sound of it rolling persists.
  3. I'm having big perf drop for second every time ball jumps out the left hole.any1 experienced that too? Especially during multiball.
  4. If any1 wants to enable fast flips on this beauty (sent it also to the author so maybe he will add it in updated version) I found that You need to add those two line somewhere under the loadVPM line: NoUpperLeftFlipper NoUpperRightFlipper and then Change UseSolenoids=True to UseSolenoids=2 and then it works, at least on my side
  5. How to enable Fast Flips on this version ?
  6. found it to make it per table: setting ingame AO to Off fixes it
  7. Switching that off helps with that effect at my side.... tested on nvidia RTX 2070 so far (desktop pc) need to check in my cab on GTX 1080 if that works... but that's not per table, it's global setting... can this be turned of per table only ?
  8. I've noticed that there is strange halo effect on the ball - can it be fixed via script ? Tried RTXBallShadows = 1 and 0 but that doesn't affect that.
  9. I've never liked that table, till this release! WOW, Amazing!
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